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10 memorable moments at Banky W’s (R&BW) Grand Love Concert


It is a normal thing to attend an event in Nigeria that doesn’t start on time and then like the one million shows you’ve attended, it follows the same cycle, artistes come on stage and gesticulate along with their tracks being played behind the screaming sound systems. Maybe you may get a sip or two from drinks being tossed around and then you sit waiting for what’s next. Of course, what preceded this was that the shows must have started later than usual. You know we still have a relapse from the African-time syndrome no matter how hard we try. Anyways the show came and went and I’ll tell you my 10 most memorable moments about the show that ended not-too-long ago.

A minute of silence for Goldie: A moment of silence was observed in respect of the late singer and entertainer. Banky W expressed how much he admired her because she just lived without caring about negative comments.

Don Jazzy dressed like a Bishop: When Don Baba Jay sauntered in, dressed in a white gown like that observed on the clerics, I had thought it was someone else who had come to bless the show. Don Jazzy also wielded a cross on his neck showing that he had come to purify the bustling Civic Centre where the event was held. Although he didn’t come on stage at any point in time, his presence was felt.

Banky W kisses a fan on stage: That night Bankole was demonstrating some skills that are rated eighteen on stage. He picks a fan off the audience and she was a sizeable person for the stage. Very noticeable. He makes a daring performance with her before ending it with a kiss on stage. She carts away with a bottle of Moet courtesy of Hennessy, a Samsung Grand Duos Phone worth N65,000 perfume and some other stuff.

Blacky blew the roof: I felt so young again) not like I’m so old) as Blacky rocked the stage with his “Can I have a dance Rosie ahhn.. You dunno what to do Rosie ahan ahn..” and then everyone was singing along. It was fun as he ran from one song to another. Looking forward to an old school concert.

Banky W weds Niyola: Don’t be offended, I saw this with my own eyes. Banky W dressed like the groom and Niyola was all dressed up like a bride. The bishop that pronounced them man and wife was err.. Freeze. Well, before you hug transformer, it was just a make-belief, a performance for Banky’s W’s song featuring Niyola (Be my lover)

Iyanya rocks the stage with Sexual Healing: When the Kukere Master came on stage, everyone expected him to start begging for people’s waists or maybe start rocking the Etighi dance. Well, Iyanya went R&B-ish and give classical renditions of songs like sexual healing. Then he capped it with a brief performance of Kukere.

Two people win Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos: You won’t understand what it means to win that phone. The phone is beautiful. Dual sim. Large screen. Has a multi-tasking screen that helps you to do many things at once on your phablet (phone tablet). Also has the retina sensor that keeps the phone lighted up when you are looking at it. What else, it was made to suit Nigerian’s style. Anyways, two lucky peeps answered some cheap questions and they left with one each. The phone is worth 65 grand.

Waje and Banky W’s rendition: Trust Waje to raise goosebumps on your skin as she combines her powerful voice with Banky’s in a stellar performance of “Thief my Kele”. Waje is very good. That’s all I can say.

Seyi Law famzing with the MD of Samsung: Well for what it may be worth, Seyi Law was famzing with the MD of Samsung. He took different postures with the man like he was being advised. In case you see those pictures in circulation, all na set up. Seyi said he was hoping he could be considered for Samsung ambassadorship. Well, you could read the desire even in his humour.

Wizkid leaves before the show ends: I was wondering why Wizkid didn’t turn up for his ex-boss’s event till I saw him exiting towards the concluding part of the show. He left silently with a fair chic. I wondered why he wasn’t called on stage or wasn’t acknowledged or asked to perform. The show had a lot of performers such as Chidinma, Praiz, Lynxxx (with Banky W), Iyanya, Niyola (with Banky W), Bez, Waje, Sound Sultan and Black Magic. Wizkid didn’t perform but attended and I think that was laudable on his part (no matter the controversies surrounding both of them).

In conclusion, it was a great show. Banky W performed with a live band all through except once, which was the performance with Niyola. It was not the regular event. It had a churchy theme about it so everyone was talking about ministers and bibles and sermons and sisters. Did I fail to mention anything else. What did you like about the show if you attended it?

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