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13th Day Of February…. part�2


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So I was thinking of an introduction for the part 2 of 13th Day of February and I remembered AFCON, you know that African football thing that just ended. Not a nice intro? Yea, I know, please if you did not watch an episode (a match) just try to, on a second thought tho maybe you shouldn’t; well, except you like horror movies. I don’t know where they brought most of those guys from but it’s definitely not from this continent, yesso! I am going to out rightly and publicly deny them. Awon boys wonye worwor mehn, kilode! I’m not going to translate that *talk to the hand*
Oh well, that’s their own cross and they should carry it and congrats to the girls that have been deceiving them cos of their money . Ehen! Why did I bring up this topic sef? Yea right! Was going to talk about Raymond *butterflies* ;;)

Ray and I have known each other for what? About 10 years now and we’ve been very close friends for almost 8 years. Pause, here’a a link to part one, just in case you missed it.

Actually, his parents and mine….. Dads specifically have been friend’s and business partners for as long as I can remember but I only met Ray when he finally came back from the states after he had spent a better part of his lifetime there. Without mincing words, He was Perfect, I know I’ve said nobody is perfect before but its true nobody is…. Except, Raymond Oluwabusayomi Coker! When a lady sees a good thing, she should be able to voice out her opinion.
I didn’t like him immediately, in fact, I disliked him from the bottom of my heart (if the heart has a bottom anyway). Maybe because I felt he was arrogant and spoilt, he was the only son of his parents and so everyone treated him like a prince. What would you expect? His father was extremely rich and his sisters were doing fine. Raymond did a really great job trying to force his way into my life and Bravo! It worked. It was later I realized that we had a whole lot in common.
We started dating officially about a year and half ago and it’s been really great, not like anything had changed tho. We are both always working, we meet most times during family functions and once in a month he would come check me up at home or drop by in the office. Nothing had really changed.

Labby, on the other hand has been my friend since uni, I met her in 200level when she lost both her parents in a plane crash. I was there for her; we became really close and since I had no sister of my own, my parents and only brother took her in as a member of the family. So she was my sister, best friend and of cos, my roommate. We’ve been through a lot together and I will never trade our relationship for anything else in the world.

*Phone rings*

‘Oh! Its Mum, I’ll have to pick it up in the car, can’t risk spending one more minute in this house, bye Labby… Love You’
‘Aii B, I’ll be out in a minute too, see ya!’
I smiled back at her as I got into the car and drove off, why do we ALWAYS have to leave home late even tho we’re always up early? Gosh! Old habits die hard they say ( ._.)

*Phone rings*

#:-s. I almost hit the car in front of me, it was mum again and I wonder why she was calling so early.
‘Morning Mum, I’m still alive and I’m driving, can I call you back later?’
‘No darling, I’ll be really quick’ Ok, bring it on Mother! I adjusted my earpiece.
‘Yea… very fine….. uhm uhm…. I know mum…. Yup, I will. Thanks and have a great day. Love You’ I sat back, took a relaxed posture and for the first time since I left the house, I took a long deep breath. Thank God, the traffic to work this morning was extremely light and I got to the office just in time.
As I sank into the office chair, opened my laptop and buried myself in work, I glanced through my phone to see if I had any important calls or pings that required quick attention, none for now \(-_-)/. I said a word of prayer and started my daily duties hoping that nothing will remind of the 13th Day of February

By Tamie

2 45pm 13th feb 2013

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