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13th Day Of�February

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Today was very different from every other day, I was up earlier than I normally would be, I cleaned and practically washed the bathrooms, toilets even the kitchen and before 7:00am I was ready for work.

As I walked back into the room holding Labby’s breakfast in a tray carefully carried with one hand and my shoes in the other hand, I noticed how excited and nervous I was. What is wrong with you Omotolani? My inner mind had questioned. One thing about my inner mind is the fact that it could sense both danger and the opposite; apparently I was having the obvious symptoms, the only problem here was I couldn’t figure out if this was good or bad anxiety.

Labby must have heard me coming cos as I dropped the tray on the bed, she raised her head slightly, squinted and whispered good morning.

”Am I dreaming or are you all dressed up bringing me breakfast in bed as if we had sex last night?’’ she was loving this and I could sense the sarcasm and pleasure in her voice. I didn’t say a word! Instead I concentrated so much on my shoes like I was about to write an impromptu exam on it.
‘’Listen to me Tolani”, she finally said after eating two slices of bread and drinking one cup of tea. ‘’You just like getting yourself worked up over trivial issues and it hurts me, this is an ordinary dinner o where you will eat, drink, chat and laugh. It’s not a promotional exam or a job presentation. Girl! You need to learn how to have fun abeg.’’
She squeezed my right hand , smiled and blew me a kiss as she lazily dragged herself to the bathroom yawning and stretching at intervals.

What would I have done without this *God sent* in my life, she knows and understand me so well and vice-versa. My mum never listens, all she wants to do is talk and give advice, my dad on the other hand is the exact opposite and my brother? Oh well! He’s never actually around so having labake in my life has been a great relief to family challenges.


7:05pm 13th of February, prince charming was already outside, waiting for his princess. I felt this rush of adrenalin as I looked out of the window to see him and his very hawt friend standing beside the car chatting very happily and looking hawt! Oh…. I said that before. :$

7:45pm, Labby and I made our way out of the entrance on a red carpet with so much paparazzi *Yimu* looking ravishing and stunning, that’s the word, S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. (And Yes! They waited for us for almost an hour of which half of the time we were taking pictures ;;) *good things come to those to who wait *

After a brief introduction, hugs, handshakes and kisses as the case may be, Labby and I got into the back seat as each guy opened both doors and showed their dates in, it was indeed a beautiful night.

The ride down to the venue (which the guys kept a secret till we got there) was quiet, although labby and I made facial expressions, sign languages and communicated via our blackberries, the guys didn’t really say much.
Abdul Azeez, Labby date was a tall gentleman who has been Ray’s friend for a couple of years now. I’ve met him once or twice when Ray dropped by at the office but I’ve heard a lot about him, how he is very *lowkey* and the fact that he’s a virgin :]y . I teased my friend about how they look good together and how I felt they should actually hook up more after this date and she replied me with the ‘sarcastic bbm smiley’ but deep down I knew she was thinking about it.

Chinese restaurant isn’t really my thing, actually nothing romantic is but like aunty Labake said, lol. We are here to have fun and fun we shall have! Somehow the quiet Abdul Azeez had escaped from his shell this night and was making the date more lively than I expected, he talked about his experience at work, his experience as a kid and how his parents has warned him never to marry a tall girl so they won’t end up with giant offspring…. I looked at Labby with my *side eye* and *winked* just to be sure she heard that part. The meal wasn’t bad at all, we were having so much fun that we had lost track of time thank God for my brother (who never pings but somehow decided to ping me at that time of cos to beg for money, tomorrow is Vals day and bobo gats show).

I sighed and coughed to draw everyone’s attention, �I’m sorry to cut this wonderful evening short but tomorrow is a weekday and some of us still have bosses and love our Jobs very much’’, Ray looked at me with his piercing eyes (I swear I could feel it) and said ‘’all that will end soon’’. I pretended like I didn’t hear that, I guess every other person did the same. We all stood up, adjusted and as Labby and I were almost at the front door…….. the guys caught up with us, they were probably clearing the bills or something. Suddenly, Raymond was on the ground and for one moment, I thought he fell down, he probably had too much to eat and Abdul Azeez might have to drive us home but then he was holding a small box in his hand and stretching it towards Labby.

This must be a dream, we probably didn’t come for this dinner at all or maybe we all got drunk and this is hangover, this is my Man, my future husband proposing to my BEST FRIEND, this shii didn’t start today, they’ve been seeing in secret and I didn’t know about it, I’ve been slacking* :O Never trust friends I heard my head scream, never trust them!

Please, why did they even bring me here to humiliate me, after all I’ve done for Omolabake this is how she wants to repay me? I know I’ve made shakara in the past to Ray but I didn’t mean any of that, will Labby and I still remain friends? How will I be able to live with this for the rest of my life? My heart sank, I could feel my knees shaking as I saw people gathering, most of them in excitement, some even went to the extent of recording it on their phones and camcorders.
Abdul Azeez’s hands on my shoulder brought me out of my thought, he was probably trying to tell me to congratulate and hug my friend so we could all leave this scene. Oh! Maybe he was going to bring out a ring and propose to me too. I stopped thinking and tried to bring myself back to my feet, it was difficult but I had to. Then my friend spoke up and said ‘’Come on Tola, don’t keep the young man waiting’’ she winked! It was at that point I realized that Raymond was only doing what he promised he would do the day he proposes, he had said he would have to ask Labake for permission first. I chuckled and marveled at my own stupidity, isn’t this the happiest day of my life?

‘’Omotolani Johnson, will you marry me?’’ Raymond said, with one knee on the floor outside the restaurant where so many people were now gathered watching free movie. I’ll be the most stupid woman on earth to say No, I mean what more could I ask for? With so much delight and pleasure I pulled him up and gave him gave him a kiss. You idiot! I thought, I would have landed in the hospital with partial stroke before you give me my ring abi? ‘’Yes, yes I will’’ I replied with what you could call *the most charming smile*


By Tamie


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – SHIGè

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine


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