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Repent And God Will Wipe Coronavirus From The Earth – CAN

Christians Association of Nigeria

Christians Association of Nigeria

The President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev Dr. Samson Olasupo A. Ayokunle has come out to say the arrogance displayed by human beings against God, sin and all kinds of wickedness are responsible for the coronavirus pandemic that is currently rocking the world.

Rev. Samson revealed this in his Special sermon on cable television, New Frontier TV, titled “Looking unto Jesus: I Shall Fear no Evil” taking from the book of Numbers 21: 4-9.

According to him, many human beings have concluded that they can do a lot of things without God while relying on technology, but this virus has shown that Technological advancement should make us appreciate him the more since he is the revealer of knowledge.

He added that the world must repent and forsake its wickedness and ingratitude for God to stop the pandemic.

His words, “As in the case of the children of Israel in this passage, the arrogance of man against God and lawfully constituted authority led to God’s anger and judgement over the people.

“People say anything today against God and against the word of God.

The Holy Scriptures injunctions which are God’s commands no longer matter before us. We query the validity today of the word of God and equally deliberately act against it.

All practices that would make us worship God we reject or abandon under the guise of fundamental human right.

“In some advanced nations, anything about God must not be mentioned in any public event neither can people worship God nor share the gospel with their neighbours. Doing so is an offence.

This pride and arrogance against God came because of advancement in technology. We feel we can do many things without God and thus become ‘god’ to ourselves. Technological advancement should make us reference God the more because he is the revealer of knowledge.”

“Sinfulness is an extension of my first point of arrogance against God. In Nigeria, violence has become a daily occurrence. Beginning from the wickedness of armed robbers to religious terrorists such as Al Qaida, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Isis, etc. We equally have the violence of banditry and Fulani Herdsmen attacks everywhere in the nation.

“People are slaughtered or kidnapped to be slaughtered or for ransom. Time will not permit me to talk about the wickedness of ritual killing for money-making and fraudulent practices all over our world especially our nation Nigeria. People including believers walkabout half-naked like insane people and even dress like that to houses of worship to pollute many. Promiscuity is everywhere. We have sinned against God and he has sent to our midst a fiery serpent!”

“Beloved, are we not provoking God daily for not being able to appreciate his goodness. Don’t we easily forget all the good things he has done for us before when another small problem arises? How grateful are we to God when we have experienced his goodness? We need to stop complaining and murmuring. We need to begin to appreciate him the way we speak and act. It is of the mercies of the Lord that we are not consumed”.

“The second coming of the Lord to take his people home and judge the world of sin is drawing closer than ever before. What is happening now more happen because our Lord Jesus Christ’s predictions about the signs of the end must come to pass. (Matthew‬ ‭24:7-8‬)‬. All these things are calling our attention to a focus on Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of our faith so that when he comes we would not be found wanting.”

“The Blood of Jesus. When the plague was ravaging Egypt, it did not get to where the children of Israel were staying though it happened within the same city. This is because of the differences in God both believed. The only God that can save told his own people to put the blood of the lamb of Passover in front of their houses so that when destruction gets to the doorpost where there is blood, it will spare such household and that was what happened (Exodus 12: 12-13).”

“If our prayers would be answered, we need to first repent of our sins of arrogance against God, disobedience to his commands, our wickedness and our ingratitude. God will not only forgive us if we genuinely repent from our sins, but he would also equally stop the pandemic. After the Israelites repented, Moses sought the face of God for them and God healed those that were beaten by simply telling them to look at the brazen serpent.

“The Lord enjoins us to call upon him in the day of trouble and that he would hear us and show us great and mighty things which we have never seen before in life. I urge all believers and those who know God to call upon him day and night. The church must cry to God for mercy and Coronavirus will be a thing of the past in the name of Jesus. I prophesy healing to all those that were already infected in the name of Jesus. I command the pandemic to stop by the authority of the risen Christ in Jesus’ name. You and I will not be consumed in the name of Jesus.”

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