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I Don’t Care About 2nd Term – Gov. Abdullahi Sule

Gov. Abdullahi Sule

Gov. Abdullahi Sule

Nasarawa State governor, Abdullahi Sule has come out to say that he will not be troubled in any way if he is denied 2nd term as governor.

He recently revealed that he does not care about getting re-elected and he will immediately return to the United States of America or Saudi Arabia after his first term.

According to him, one term is more than enough so he is grateful for having the opportunity to serve his people once.

He added that he is also sure EFCC will not reach out to him as soon as his tenure expires because he will never steal government’s money.

His words, “If I do one term, walahi talahi, walahi talahi, I will go and retire either in America or in Saudi Arabia and live my life peacefully. And I know that no EFCC will call me, because I am not stealing government’s money.

“So one term, then so what? To hell with one term. Let me tell you, I’m happy to take it, so I will never have sleeping problems because somebody says one term.”

“One thing I have never been threatened about in life is my second term as governor. Let me tell you, in 1998, while working in the US, I felt I was bored. I took my early retirement package from an oil company, I went and set up our small company and we were running our business.

“I thought that was it. I never knew I was going to return to Nigeria as a whole, not to talk of coming to Nigeria to set up a company and become MD African Petroleum and later become GMD in Dangote company.

“That was even when I started enjoying life; not today. So I went through all these as extra to me in life; things I never thought would happen, but because God has blessed me that it will happen and it actually happened.

“Then out of the blues, from nowhere, I’m now a governor, and somebody is saying one term, and then I will cry, sleep and die? To hell with him. One term, yes, it’s fine. That is how I look at it. One term is good enough

“Almighty Allah, I thank you very much for giving me one term. So it has never shaken me, it has never scared me, and it will never do. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”

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