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5 major things that can ruin your marriage


Many women don’t know what that some of the little and unexpected things can kill and ruin marriage, Here are 5 Things that can ruin your marriage, check whether any of this is available in your marriage or relationship, if so make some little changes..

Bringing Up Delicate Issue in Public Event: Bring up delicate issue in public can totally destroy marriage. Is normal couple do have conflicts, but if you are good of bringing delicate issues in festival, familly dinner and other public event..just know that sooner or later, you hubby will be very sick and tired of the accusation, This can trigger lots of problem which are very impossible and difficult to solve. The solution is just to pay attention to timing and adjust your way of life.

Favor Score: Quit scoring yourself of favors because you might face cold shoulder from your partner. If you are good at complaining of lack of appreciation, then you have to quit complaining and learn how to make your man to please you without blackmailing and other dirty trick.

Over Communication: Yes is a good idea for couples to always communicate and share issues together. But over doing it can get your partner very tired of you. You don’t need to talk too much or say everything, keep the precious idea and story for special occasion. Your man will appreciate you that most especially if you tell him, he is the only that knows some delicate things about you.

Sharing Your secrets with Friends: This one is a great marriage killer. Disscussing your love life and marriage outside with friends can destroy your relationship as one day they may use it against you. Yes, is good to seek advice from friends about your marriage but try to keep some aspect of your marriage for yourself and your partner. Men can feel extrememly vulnerable and irritated if they find out somethings from friends and not you. Try to solve and talk delicate issues with your partner rather than friends.

Confidence Issue: Be confidence with yourself not complaining about your figure all the time, it irritate men, I think is time you get rid of all this character and start to learn how to bring out the best in you and always believe him if he says you look attractive and you as well should learn how to make him feel attractive too.

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