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I do not like my father, I’m not interested in going back to his place.. I answered as I spoke to my friend; this year december would make it two years since I woke up one morning and decided to move out of my father’s house.. I was so pained.. A day before he had said some things to me.. They pierced my heart, I felt like dying, felt like killing him and killing myself.. But no… I won’t do that.. I’d move out.. Stay on my own, make it big, get married � he doesn’t even have to come for the wedding, I’d raise my own kids and bring them to him one day and tell him to his face.. �This is how to raise kids, Not what or how you raised me”

For those that don’t know me or have never met me… You would see me and see a happy kid, you’d see my smile but not my pain.. If you Ever have me strip in front of you… You won’t see black body or six packs.. Well maybe.. But then you’d see scars.. Scars from being beaten for even the smallest of things.. Things ranging from watching late night movies to going to the game centre or stealing money at home to go play game… I grew up in pain.. But then I never let it get to me… My dad beat me so hard one night � more like one of those nights.. And I was bleeding.. I went to bed with my scarred skin and blood dripping.. By morning when I woke up the blood had dried up on my cloth.. I tried removing the cloth and I started bleeding all over again.. I managed to take my bath.. I went to school.. Got to school late Cause I had to walk slowly because of my body pain.. As soon as I got to class.. My yoruba teacher was in class.. She was angry I came late to class.. She decided to beat me too.. She told me to turn my back.. My school uniform was white then.. As soon as she landed the first stroke.. My back started bleeding.. My school uniform was soaked in blood again.. I just smiled.. She got scared and I was taken to the sick bay… She called other teachers and then I was asked to take off my cloth.. As soon as I took it off.. I could have imagined the look on their faces.. When they asked who did it to me.. I just smiled… I was a happy kid.. Even after all my dad did.. I took it all in.. I’d cry to bed most nights.. But I still loved my dad.. Oh I forgot to mention that I’m the only son.. I have 3sisters.. I deserved to be pampered? Well I guess not.

All of the memories I have of my father.. This is the one I think I hold dear………… It was one beautiful day.. Not sure which day it was… Mum wasn’t around.. Or I think dad and mum fought and she had gone to stay with her sisters.. Dad had just finished cooking for us.. So we were in the sitting room.. Eating and talking I guess.. Little sister who was about 4years old then, she was singing praises unto God.. With her head upside down From the chair.. Twisting and turning… We were all eating and singing slowly along with her.. I guess we got carried away by something or someone.. Suddenly little sister wasn’t singing anymore.. She wasn’t moving.. Her head was down.. Dad called out to her.. She didn’t answer, she didn’t move or budge.. Dad shouted louder, no answer, he moved closer to her and tapped her, she didn’t move.. I was on chair thinking it was one of those children prank.. Buh then dad noticed her head wasn’t straight and it was underneath the chair.. A dining table chair to be precise.. He quickly removed her head, but she didn’t wake up.. Dad screamed �oyinda… Oyinda…oyinda” he shook her.. She didn’t budge.. I guess it dawned on him that she had either fainted or my little sister was dead.. he started shouting screaming out loud �e gba mi o � help me o”.. We stayed in a �face me I face you” back then.. So the neighbours that were home came out to the passage, I saw my dad shake my sister severally, open her mouth, her eyes.. Suddenly he started crying.. He lifted my sister up in his hands and with his singlet he ran outside and sat on the floor.. Crying.. He called out to me and my other sisters to get a spoon and salt for him.. We hurriedly did that.. People had gathered around him.. I gave him the spoon which he kept immediately between my sister’s teeth so the upper teeth doesn’t close down on the lower teeth.. I heard someone said if they closed.. She’d be dead.. When he did that.. He kept a little bit of salt in her mouth and them poured water on her head… She didn’t budge, she was on his leg and he was crying… Speaking in yoruba and asking God not to do this to him.. Begging that God should please not take her.. I guess God heard his prayers because few minutes later she coughed and opened her eyes.. I was happy tho but my father was delighted and grateful.. And everyone was happy too.. We sat her up and gave her water to drink.. After making sure she was alright and had enough air.. We Took her inside and my father wiped off his tears..

Well then.. This is one of the few Classy memories of my Father’s Love that I have…. But then the pain he has caused me is more than the smiles.. But then, I chose not to live under his shadow or Pain, I’m Still a Happy Kid.. If You Do See Me.. You’d Never Guess What I’ve Been Through..

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