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Ali Baba’s airs opinion on Banky W’s stolen phone, brand ambassadors

Ali Baba

Yesterday, Banky W attended DJ Xclusive‘s album launch and unfortunately lost his Samsung smart phone.
The 34-year old ‘Lowkey‘ singer announced it on his Instagram page, and while some fans sympathized with him, others had less than nice things to say. A few hours later, Bankole Wellington deleted the post.

Ali Baba who recently turned 50, came to Banky’s aid in a rather lengthy piece on his Instagram page saying:

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I have always wanted to address this issue of brand ambassadors, but never found the right time or right words. It however came together today when I [email protected]’s phone stolen. He posted something to show how angry he was with the theft of his phone. Some sympathized while some thought he should stop whining about the phone, BECAUSE HE GOT IT FOR FREE. That is the reason I decided it was the right time to post my take on BEING A BRAND AMBASSADOR. Obviously, a lot of people think the pecks anyone enjoys from a corporation that selects you as a brand ambassador is FREE. You wish! The word SELECT is not a lucky dip when it comes to brand ambassador dynamics. Whatever you get as a brand ambassador is not “dash”. It’s part of what you are being paid for your services. At first, I wanted to address the ignorance of those who [email protected] should keep quiet & go get another phone. Then realized that it’s not their fault. We have become a society that sees anything anyone gets as free. We do not think it was worked for. We beef people who work hard to acquire anything & even use the usual phrase DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE THAT CAN FEED?.. If you worked hard to enjoy the benefits of your job, DO! Theft is theft! What do I know? Shebi I be comedian?

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