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Annie Idibia speaks on saying Yes to 2Face inspite of all the heartbreak | Video


Annie Macaulay-Idibia was last week’s guest on Ndani TV’s �The Juice”.
While giving the juice on their movie-like first meeting, and the friendship and love that has endured through ups and downs. Read below:

How she got back into shape after giving birth to Olivia: First six weeks, I didn’t do anything but then i started to run a little and just some little exercise, nothing much.

2face and the labor room: No he wasn’t in the labor room with me, I didn’t want him to but he wanted to but you know the nature of his job, so he came in two days later and I’m glad he wasn’t even there….When I went into labour, I was like a mad woman, I was screaming and I ddin’t want him to see all that…

On being married to the most famous musician in Africa: He is a regular guy, it’s like getting married to any regular guy you fall in love with. Sometimes we forget the fame, Innocent is really normal to a fault….Sometimes when I wake up, what comes to my mind is ‘ oh my boy, i love this boy’ and he looks like a baby when he sleeps.

The proposal and love story: It was kinda a love at first Sight story, i had just finished from secondary school, we met at the gate while he was coming out of a studio and I was going in and we …boom…and then the sparks. My whole life was about church and school then so I always wanted to invite him to church…….we were going back and forth…but i said yes to his proposal cos i love him. Won’t you say yes to someone you love, regardless of all.
I didn’t even see the proposal coming cos we were not really together that period, we were just being good parents to my daughter, so when he proposed, I said yes because I want to be with him regardless and moreover he is not a bad person.

Dating other guys: Yes I dated other guys in between the complications and all but i really loved 2face, it was always 2face, he’s my soul mate.

Why he proposed: He kinda realized that that was where his heart was, he was confused for a long time but he made the right choice

Relationship with other baby-mamas and step children:� I am civil with them, no beef, we are cool….I don’t know if any of them was hoping to get the ring oh, Toolz don’t put me in trouble, I have enough bruises already….

Romance with 2face: We fool around a lot ooo…he joins me in the kitchen sometimes, he helps with the house chores a lot. We play a lot, we do almost everything together like from cooking etc…we joke about almost everything and say the silliest things!

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