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Anthony Joshua, Fury Have A Lot To Gain From A Boxing Match – Barry Hearn

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua’s management has come out to say that the Heavyweight boxing champion might fight Tyson Fury at the beginning of next year or even the end of this year if Wilder withdraws from their rematch.

The management revealed that they are sure that fans will not want to see preparatory fights once the coronavirus pandemic is all over.

According to Barry Hearn, owner of MatchRoom boxing, he is certain that Fury and Joshua would love to face each other anytime soon because they both have a lot to gain from a boxing clash.

He added that he would do everything possible to make sure the match happens immediately after the outbreak.

His words, “Anthony Joshua is probably the easiest boxer I have ever worked with, he literally will fight anybody and he is very keen on unifying the titles and Tyson has the missing belt.

“Tyson is not afraid of anyone, at the same time, and he knows if he beats Joshua he will be an even bigger global figure.

“The good news about this pile-up of global sport events is that there will be competition for airtime when sport returns and people will not pay for tick-over contests.

“I think we have an excellent chance of seeing that fight, I would say 50-50 it is this year and, if it is not this year, then it’s 95-5 for early 2021.”

“I am always confident because it is a bg fight and the demand for it is huge but there are complications, as there always are.

“Does Wilder even fight Fury again? I am hearing that he has a slight injury and cannot train until May, does that bring a delay?

“There is a chance, hypothetically if the sport comes back in September and Wilder isn’t ready or doesn’t want the fight, then I think Josh would drop Pulev and go for Fury, because that is the fight he wants more than anything else.”

“Fury surprised me against Wilder but he always surprises me because I usually look at him and think Joshua beats him comfortably. But then Fury just seems to bring out the unexpected.

“I expected Wilder to connect but I don’t think he is technically good at all, he can just punch and that is always an equaliser.
“But Tyson boxed so well and exposed Wilder so much that he bashed him up and took away his desire.

“If all you have is a punch and that is taken away from you, then you cannot win the fight.

“I thought Tyson boxed out of his skin and good luck to the boy.”


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