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APC Will Defeat PDP In Bayelsa State – Adams Oshiomhole

Oshiomole naijavibe.netAhead of the November 16 Governorship polls in Bayelsa state, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has promised to defeat the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in the state.

He said their defeat is sure but APC will not play dirty with them.

Adams Oshiomohle said this as he addressed the Bayelsa APC stakeholders and aggrieved governorship aspirants during a reconciliation meeting at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja.

His words, “Let me use this opportunity to reply directly to my Friend, Gov. Dickson of Bayelsa. I think he has allowed his fears, lack self-confidence, the imminent defeat that awaits him and his party to overcloud his judgement as to resort to the use of inelegant language and uncouth statement to describe one of his own and a fellow citizen of Bayelsa. When a governor describes one of his own purely on account of his political differences, using the name of terrorists and such things like that, then he has missed it already.

“And I can understand his fears, if people who go to borrow labels and assume that they are the leaders of the Ijaws and that they are the lions when they see the real and authentic lion, they are sure to be afraid.”

“So APC rejects and condemn in strong terms the raw language unbecoming of a governor, by a man I otherwise admired, the way he has described our candidate. We will not come to his own level. On this occasion, we will invoke a popular statement made by Michelle Obama at the peak of the last presidential election in the US when she said ‘when they go low, we fly high’. So when Dickson goes low, we will fly high. We will not join him in using gutter language to describe neither his office nor his person, or even their candidate who is about to be defeated”.

“We recognize he has a right to be selected by his party, we believe our candidate is better than his candidate and we believe he will provide, better, popular-driven, people-oriented governance, not elitist governance for the people of Bayelsa state.

“That is why around the world, I don’t know if you know how many professors have governed America, Britain, France and Israel or any of the democracies. It is the extent to which you can connect to the ordinary person, you share their vision and pain, you grow from the community and have been as an ordinary person like them. Therefore they don’t need to tell you what their problems are, because you have lived through those problems with them and I think those are the qualities of our candidate which is invoking fears in the heart of my friend, Dickson. Oshiomhole said.

“Let me assure him, we will not go low as he has chosen to go but we will rather go high and higher until he packs out of Government House and hands over decently like a gentleman to our candidate, by the special grace of God, the next governor of Bayelsa state, David Lyon.”

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