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Are You Fighting The Real Enemy Disturbing your Marriage?

There is no way you won’t fight battles in your marriage but the question is, are you fighting the right enemy? Some women just stay on their husbands head, nagging the living day out of him, fighting him with everything possible. Partners even go as far as using weapons in fighting one another
How I wish they could channel all the energy they are using in fighting their husband into fighting the real enemy. But they are blinded, they have eyes but can’t see who the real enemy is, they fight their partner instead while the real enemy is busy laughing at them.

The thing that surprises me is that, they have been doing this for God knows how many years; busy fighting their partners with no changes and the situation is even getting worse. This is still not enough reasons for them to stop fighting their partner and think deep asking personal questions like. I have been fighting this man/woman for so long but still no changes, is it worth it? Am I fighting the right battle? Is my partner really my enemy?

But instead they keep fueling the fight in any little chance they have and they keep waxing stronger and stronger in the fight even in the presence of their kids which as now deposited a bad emotions in the kids. The enemy has succeeded in ruining the home and also succeeded in planting bad seeds of marriage in the kids. The children starts hating everything about marriage just because their parents fail to see who the real enemy they are supposed to be fighting is but instead they choose to fight themselves.

Ignorance is one word that has killed many people and still killing people, people don’t understand and they don’t make efforts to want to understand. Maybe if they make efforts to understand, they will know that even before they get married, there is a war waiting for them already in the marriage but they don’t know, they get married and continue their life without loading themselves up with armor so as to fight this enemy that has been waiting for them to get married.

The devil knows that the best place to destroy one’s life is in marriage, he knows when you get it all wrong about marriage you are finished. The battle began when you were born, but the battle then wasn’t very tough, he tries to ruin you from there by making you take some bad decision in your life that can ruin you but if you passed all those stages in your single period, then the next thing is to wait for you in your marriage which people don’t take serious note of.

Well, I can’t really blame them because the enemy is so good and perfect that he makes it look like it’s the partner that is the enemy. What can you do when all you see is your partner as the real enemy; meanwhile the real enemy is at the back pushing your partner to you so all you see is your partner as the enemy.
The enemy is not your partner; the real enemy is hiding somewhere playing pranks on you and twisting your head. Are you still going to allow him do that to you, do that to your marriage? Or you are going to drop all the fight you waged up against your partner and waged it up against the real enemy,
Who’s the real enemy?

That’s a very lovely question, look at this
�The thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and to destroy.�
The first thing the enemy is going to do is to steal your joy, when your joy is gone then you are so vulnerable to any attack that comes your way. If your partner failed to call you, you start thinking he/she is cheating on you and immediately they get home, you start the fight. Why are you doing this? It’s because your joy is gone. Someone annoyed you at work; you get home and transfer the anger on your partner. It’s still because your joy is gone. Maybe your partner is actually doing something wrong and you have talked to him/her about it but no changes but you couldn’t pray so that God will take charge, the reason is because your joy is gone
He steals your joy through any means; most of the time he uses our partners to steal it. It might be through making use of your partner to always talk down on you, maybe he makes your partner to leave his/her responsibility. After he has succeeded in stealing your joy and you can’t have it back because he is doing everything possible to frustrate you and for you not to have it back, then he kills you which after he destroys. This is what the enemy is out for
Who is this enemy we have been talking about; the enemy is the devil (Satan). Some even recognize him as the enemy but they couldn’t do anything because he has stolen their joy and drained them, so they have no strength again to pray and face him in battle.

What can you do to fight and win the real enemy?
The first thing for you to do is to get back you joy because without it you won’t have the right frame of mind to operate in the realm you can battle the enemy from. As at this time, what will be in your body system is hatred, frustration, anger, bitterness, disappointment that you have gotten from your partner and marriage.
For you to get back your joy, you need to let them all out because they are the hindrances the enemy has placed there just to stop you from getting back your joy. Purge yourself of all hatred, anger, disappointment and whatsoever baggage the devil has loaded your heart with.
It might be hard to let them out but you need to do it, cry if you have to and for it to be easy for you, you need to put your trust and hope in God
�Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27
That verse said it all, so you need to rededicate you life back to God and if you haven’t dedicate your life to him before, you need to do so, for you to have peace. It’s this peace that will make you allow God have control. If you have your joy which is the divine peace back, then you are half way in winning the battle against the enemy. If you put God in charge after having your peace and allow him have control of everything then you are a winner.
I worked on my client that has lost her mind and have been busy fighting her partner in her marriage instead of the real enemy. Her joy is gone, so the first I did was to tell her and assist her in getting her joy and divine peace back. All she has done was just to have her peace back and she has started seeing changes in her marriage already. What happened was really funny; her husband was furious and nervous, he got really scared that he couldn’t eat the wife’s food because he was scared the wife might have poisoned it just because he noticed some changes in his wife.
The lady was so different and happy that she ran back to me, telling me how she feels inside, that she’s feeling great and her marriage is already turning around for good, all just because she stopped fighting the wrong enemy and channel the energy in fighting the real enemy.

Don’t let the devil deceived you in believing that your partner is the real enemy, and if he has succeeded in deceiving you, it’s time for you to stand on your feet, tell him enough is enough. Let him know that you now know the truth and the truth have set you free. Return the battle back to him; he’s a coward, he trembles whenever he knows that his victim has got the right source of power and energy.
�Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

Your partner is not the enemy and you can’t fight this battle yourself, you need to submit yourself to God and let him in, then you can resist the enemy and he will flee from you and your marriage.
Follow this steps and I am very sure and certain that your own marriage too will turn around for the best.

– Tunde Ifedapo

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