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His hand gripped the steering wheels, his knuckles flexed tightly, he looked at her he still couldn�t believe what she was saying she was actually breaking up with me he thought after all I have done for her, he wasn�t thinking clearly anymore his eyes were on the road but his mind was elsewhere totally zoned out, he was supposed to be schooling abroad now but rebelled against his parents to allow him to come to this school because of her.

She was his life, he had made sacrifices for her and now she was dumping� eh zoned back to the present he tried listening to her but only heard �not good enough�, �remain friends� his mind zoned back to the past to when they entered university it was okay the beginning but she started changing gradually ignoring his calls spending less time with him, he ignored her behavior because of the love he had for her.

She looked at him she knew he wasn�t listening to her but still kept talking, trying to get across to him. How did I get myself into this mess she thought� They went to the same secondary school but barely interacted. She knew he had a crush on her but he never did anything about it, just fawned over her, she took full advantage of it by asking for gifts or money which he delivered readily. She thought it would be over after they left secondary school but she was shocked to see him at the university campus. She had always thought he was going to school abroad since he was from a rich family.

Well, he was the only familiar face around they hung out a lot then he started introducing her as his girlfriend she didn�t really mind at first but later it was becoming embarrassing to her she tried distancing herself from him but he didn�t take the hint.

Now here she was trying to blow him off once and for all she had gotten someone else a guy she really loves and she didn�t want him intruding on her new relationship. She had the speech in her head but after noticing his reaction she fidgeted.

She noticed the dark look on his face she requested to get out of the car that was when it all changed.
Immediately he heard the request, he locked all the doors of the cars� He wasn�t thinking right anymore� He was running on pure adrenaline right now he accelerated the car above speed limit.

She was screaming for him to slow down but he was trying to vent his anger. Then an idea struck him and he thought �why not now�?
She was here with him now together like he always wanted now all he wanted was for it to be forever and there was only one way to do that at this junction.

He was on a bridge there is bound to be a loose railing for the car to pass through he saw one, he increased the speed of the car to impossible levels and drove into the gap in the railings for a second�

He thought he didn�t calculated well as the car was still for few nanoseconds but it actually felt like million years, before it started tumbling down he turned to look at her, her face angry and shocked �she still looks beautiful, at least we are together forever now� that was his last conscious thought he had before fading away.

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