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Beyonce Has The Right To Call Herself Queen Bee – Lil Kim

Lil Kim

Popular rapper, Lil Kim has shared her reaction to Beyonce being referred to as “Queen Bee” and her fanbase being called “Beehive.”

These 2 terms were attributed to Lil Kim in the early 2000s, but social media has given it all to Beyonce now.

Lil Kim believes there is no cause for alarm because Beyonce has every right to call herself Queen Bee.

Reacting, Lil Kim had this to say,

That was me, and then I had a group.. That was my whole thing.. I was the beehive.. My fans kind of adapted the name. It’s so funny because even back then my fans would run-up like, ‘I’m beehive! I’m a part of the beehive!’ They would be following me and they would all come to my concerts, and they would wear shirts with the bees on them and say they were the beehive.

Now you fast forward to years later, and we’re in the social world, and now my fans on the internet are the beehive. And I feel like Beyonce rightfully so has the right to call herself Queen Bee as well.. Her name is Bey-once.

I feel like some of her fans that’s disrespectful.. cause some of them be like ‘Y’all both the queen bees.’ Some of her fans are so respectful and some of them just give it up.. Cause she even did. She was like the original Queen Bey, and that was love to me.

What say you?

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