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Flames of Love

Flames of Love | Episode 4

Read Previous Episode here She held still because I had a knife “Why you kill am? en? mumu why you kill my pinky?” I asked her, demanding immediate reply. She replied so fast I could hardly make little of what she said. Then, I remember what made her reply that ...

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Flames of Love | Episode 3

  Read Previous Episode Running as fast as my legs could carry me, I dashed into the compound. The guy who came to get me was right behind me trying to catch his breath. I stepped on something sticky”ewwww!” I looked at the sole of my shoe to check what ...

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Flames of Love | Episode 2

Read Previous Episode here The class was rowdy even after the lecturer had entered.   ‘Will you all stop making noise!’. The short robust, moustache man yelled in annoyance.Silence broke out immediately. The hairs on my neck prickled. . . .I knew that very moment cute speck was watching, I ...

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Flames of Love | Episode 1

< As I lay there on the cold bare floor with my face upward staring into empty space, I thought for a long time how wasteful I had been in terms of. . . . . . . “Bose?Bose?Bee baby!” it felt like a needle had pierced my eardrum. I ...

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