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“Chairmen Don’t Quit” – An Open letter to M.I Abaga

This was the last straw. If you don’t hear any MI music you know who to blame..
No regrets. Except for the fans.. I’m sorry.
It’s over.. I’m finally done with this.

– M.I Abaga

The Chairman - M.I Abaga

Only God knows whatever happened that made the one and only Mr Incredible put up such a funny but yet so disturbing post on social media via the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram. You know the truth is I actually had a mighty good laugh reading it. Here’s the thing guys, M.I was kidding. I mean, he must have been kidding. He just had to be kidding.. like he really thought we were going to take him seriously on such a costly joke? This is 2014 du-uh! If we reacted based on impulse to everything that crept into the media space and took us by shock every other Monday morning, we’d have all died of a heart attack by now.

I’ve gone over that note, touching as it is and I been thinking, what must have happened? How is it over? What exactly is he done with? Does a simple sorry cut it? And really, no regrets? It’s amazing the kind of things that our human impulses make us do and when these deeds are done, there’s nothing to take back.. sadly. The upside would be salvaging whatever’s left of it but the issue is how many actually see the upside? M.I’s note clearly mirrors his feeling of defeat. It tells us that he’s rested on his oars and not only given in to the pressures of settling for less, he’s even thrown in the freaking towel!

No doubt, small (or big) as our industry may seem, the competition is pretty stiff out there. Music acts are jostling to maintain relevance. While the likes of 2face and Sound Sultan can boast a track record of six studio albums, there’s Wande Coal who has managed one album the last 5/6 years, Seyi Shay and Yemi Alade whose debut we’ve been anticipating in earnest and then MI and Wizkid who we’re tired and done waiting for their next album release. Regardless, nobody has caved because life hurled a few lemons at them.

No sane thinking man with a vision and a purpose, chooses to toss years of hard work vested on a thriving career, in the garbage can. Which is why I’ve chosen to not call M.I out on publicity stunt alleges just like everyone else is doing. Instead, I think his impulses should take blame especially with the series of event that followed after his not carefully thought through slip-up. I’m sure he’s aware how much he’s looked up to by upcomers in the industry moreso, the position he occupies in the modern revolution of rap/hip-hop in Nigeria. There’s too much at stake for Mr Incredible to close up shop and head home early on a market day. Perhaps he’s nursed the thought a while now and finally thinks he can but we’re here to remind him that he can’t ‘cos we won’t let him.

At this point, I’m reminded of his cut on DJ Jimmy Jatt‘s I Am Legend. Sometimes, these superstars need be reminded of where their strength lies and how to keep firing on (one of the many perks of having us as fans). So whatever the turf, he should find solace in those exact words he spat on the track’s fine bars ‘cos by and by, que sera sera!

By Jim Donnett

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