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Chronicles of Omo Pastor | Episode 3

Chronicles of Omo Pastor

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“Your wallet? Where?” Uju looked confused

“I left it there”

“There? where?” Beginning to sound impatient.

“Where I went to ease myself” I said as my heartbeat increased tempo. “My phones, school I.D card, ATM and N5000! Oh! God” Standing up and straightening my gown.

“Let’s go there, and hope it will still be lying where you left it” Seeing I was close to tears, she tried to make me feel better.

“I hope so, the beach is crowded today, it’s Easter. Please let’s hurry and check”

“Okay” standing up and following my lead “let me try calling your line, in case someone picked up the wallet for you” she said as she fetched her phone from her clutch bag.

As we drew closer to the bar so did my heartbeat increase, we tried to walk as fast as our tight fitted gowns and beach sand will let us.

“Someone has picked up” Uju said slowing down

“Hello, my friend dropped her wallet some minutes ago. Are you with it?”

I watched her facial expressions as I couldn’t make out what the person on the other line was saying.

“Yes, a pink wallet.. Thank you very much”

I heaved a sigh of relief

“Where are you so we could come pick it up.. okay.. okay, we would wait there? Thank you”. Hanging up the phone.


“He said he has the wallet and your phones. He picked it up after you left” She paused “But wait, when you left where? How did he get the wallet?”

“I went to ease myself and he was there so I ran out”

Laughing as we walked closer to the bar “So you ran out because you saw him? And left your wallet too”

“No, he was with a girl. Why do we have to go meet him at the empty bar again?”

“So because he was with a lady you ran, he said it will be easier to meet us there”

“The girl I saw him with was giving him a blow job” I replied hurriedly.

“Really? Wow, why didn’t you tell me to escort you? But it could be his girlfriend, friend or a prostitute. That is not our business, he was nice enough to pick the wallet for you after you interrupted his moment” she said jokingly.

I decided there was no point arguing with Uju as we were already at the bar, and he should already be on his way with my purse. I stopped at the entrance but she kept walking.

“Uju let’s wait for him outside, he will spot us easily that way”

“I know, I want to ease myself, since we are here” she kept walking, she noticed I wasn’t making any move to follow her in. Turning to face me “Are you not going to escort me, or you suddenly have a phobia for this place now”

I said nothing as I followed her in, she found a spot at a corner and pulled down her panties.

“So did you see his face?”

“No I was too shocked and in a hurry to leave”

She grinned, as she fetched a tissue paper from her purse. I started heading towards the door, when a shadow crossed my path and a tall figure obstructed my vision.

I let out a loud shriek, and started screaming. I heard Uju’s voice behind me as she joined me screaming.

He raised his hand, and stretched my wallet towards me

“Your wallet, I came to give you your wallet. Can you ladies stop screaming for a sec?”

Uju and I heaved a sigh of relief

“Amaka, you scared me, why are you so jumpy today. I thought we were about to get robbed”

“I guess I should apologise for taking you unawares the second time”

“No, thank you for keeping my wallet” I replied collecting the wallet from him.

“Let’s go outside” Uju said already heading out.

I studied him as we walked towards the entrance, and noticed he had a nice build, then I opened my wallet as I checked to see if my ID card and ATM was still intact, I closed it and finally felt relieved.

“Thank you once again, I don’t know what I would have done if I lost it”

“No troubles, it was the least I could do”

A dimple appeared as he gave us a lopsided grin.

“So, my name is George, yesterday was my birthday and I am having a little party with friends to end the day”

“I’m Uju” Uju interrupted moving forward and stretching out her hand. “She’s Amaka, thank you once again”

He kept looking from Uju’s face to mine, still smiling and I wondered what was going through his mind.

“I guess you need to head back to your party, sorry for dragging you out” I said as I kept moving my wallet from one hand to the other.

What if you ladies join me that is if you didn’t have other plans for the rest of the night?”

“Yes, we..”

“No, we don’t” Uju cut in.” We would join you, it’s the least we can do to show our appreciation” Uju was staring at me now, daring me to say something.

I nodded, and we followed some steps behind him.

“All the thank you we said is enough, we don’t have to attend his party too” I whispered

“I want to, or do you want to meet up with Jessica and Wale? By the way, you should be happy or we would still be searching for your wallet like that Malaysian plane”

“No, but..”

“No buts, loosen up abeg” she replied a bit too loudly.

I looked forward at George but he showed no sign he heard her outburst.

“Okay, Okay. Shey I’m following you already”

“But please if you feel the need to ease yourself, we will go together this time”

Laughing I said “Yes ma, you officially my new bodyguard”

Reaching the table his friends were seated, he showed us two empty seats. Sitting opposite us, I recognised the lady who was kneeling in the bar. She was a beauty, from her wide captivating eyes to her sensual lips. She looked from me to Uju, guess she was trying to figure out which of us stumbled on her intimate moment with George. She looked at me a little longer, giving us a small smile she continued her discussion with the lady seated beside her.

George handed two glasses of Chapman to Uju and I. Uju nudged my elbow signalling me to check my phone. I opened my BBM and saw she had sent me a message

* He is good-looking


*I think I like him

*I think you should calm down

*Calm down for what? Lol

*He obviously has a girlfriend, dat gal on black short gown opposite us was d one givin him the blow job

*Ehen, can’t a gal try her luck, They could just be frnds


We looked up from our phones and she gave me a mischievous smile, then turned to stare at George. I looked away and focused on watching every other event around me. As the music tempo became faster and more people were standing, Uju stood, dancing and wriggling her waist while the men on the table watched her smiling. She then surprised me and everyone else as she walked towards George and gave him a full view of her behind and started twerking like a pro. He kept a casual grin on his face, looked at me for a second, standing up he led her to the dance floor. I laughed inwardly, she sure has a way of letting her intentions known. Uju got even bolder and seductive as they danced, he whispered something to her and she turned to look at me. I smiled at her, but the smile left my face when I noticed he was walking towards me.

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DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine


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