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Chronicles of Omo Pastor | Episode 4

Chronicles of Omo Pastor

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No, he can’t be walking towards me. I kept murmuring to myself hoping maybe that will make him retrace his steps. I looked up and saw my prayers had failed as he was standing in front of me with his hand outstretched. I looked at Uju who was already sitting and hoped she would say something but the smile on her face told me she was enjoying my discomfort. I cleaned my palm which was already sweaty, I braved a smile and placed my hand to his as I stood up watching the amused look on his face. This only infuriated me even more but I kept the fake smile plastered on my face.

He led me back to the spot he was dancing with Uju some minutes earlier. Sensing my nervous state he moved a bit further to the more crowded spot, we were also out of the view of his friends. He placed his hands around my waist and drew me closer, my heartbeat was running a marathon already. He tried swaying my hips to the music but I was too stiff and nervous. We maintained our one-two step dance, I stole a glance at him again and I concluded he should be in his late 20s or early 30s. I was sweaty already as I was nervous and the dance floor seemed to get more crowded by the minute as we were forced to close the distance between us. Our eyes met, before I could take my eyes off him, a well-built guy who was hurrying off the dance floor pushed George, his head collided with mine. Feeling trapped and too aware of our closeness, he however didn’t find anything unusual about it. Well, what should I expect knowing the way we met, the music stopped as I heaved a sigh of relief and I knew this was the only time I could get away? Moving away from his arms without a word I headed back to my seat. Not long after we settled, with Uju giving me a wink I pretended not to see. The light skinned lady who I thought was his girlfriend dragged him for a dance. I picked my phone, seeing I had a BBM message I knew it was Uju before opening it:


“That dance, *coughs*”

“Why are you coughing? We were just dancing”

“Yes, I know but.. ”

“Uju pls you see too much and assume too much”

“I’m not the only one who is assuming, look at d way oyinbo pepper is dancing like she’s trying to impress him. Lol. She nearly turned green when u ppl were dancing”

I looked over to where they were dancing briefly and returned back to my phone screen.

“I don’t see anything, I tot you like him so y are yu bringin me into this matter”

“You’re a blind bat, i don’t tink she’s his gf. It would be rude of him to dance wit u like dat wen his babe is dere.”

“Yu and all dis Yur theories. Dere was nting in dat dance”

“anyways Jessica is on her way here. She had a quarrel with Wale so he left with his friends”

“Those two re always having quarrels”

“Yea, let me go outside and wait for her. So I can bring her in”



“Thank you for accepting my invitation” George said as he pulled over in front of the gate that led to the building that housed our room.

“We had fun, we should thank you for inviting us and also keeping my friend’s purse”.

George had insisted on dropping us after his birthday party, we were willing to oblige him as we were tired.

“Thank you” Jessica and I chorused as we left the car.

Uju however stayed back as we watched her collect his phone number.

“This girl can’t change” Jessica said as we walked away “But the guy is handsome o, Uju gave me the details of how you met him on BBM”

I remembered our first eye contact and pushed the thought out of my head as I cursed silently.

“Yea, he is a nice person” I answered hoping she would end the topic as I was so tired.

Jessica looked at me, sensing I wasn’t in the mood to delve deeper into tie conversation she started giving me details of the show and artiste performances. I was laughing as I fetched my towel and headed for the bathroom when Uju came in with a wide smile plastered on her face.

She dropped her bag and started undressing without saying a word to us, Jessica broke the silence first

“So, what happened, did you get his number?”

“Yes, I did. We have a date this weekend”

“That was fast” I said

“Yea, I’m not dull like you” Uju said winking at me.

“Whatever” I said heading to the bathroom.

While bathing my thoughts drifted to Roland for the first time in some hours. I remembered his text message which came in on our way back home

Hello, come over to my place by 7pm today. Expecting you.

I felt like I had become his booty call but I knew I would answer his call like a dog to his master. I wondered when our relationship deteriorated to this point, what I did or said wrong. I knew I had to talk with him but I needed to plan my speech and questions.

“Amaka!! Don’t sleep there. We also need to bath and sleep o” Jessica called out cutting short my thoughts.

“I will be out in a bit”

Minutes later, I had settled in my bed and Uju and Jessica were fast asleep already. I picked up my phone

Ok, I will be there at 7pm.

I paused and contemplated for a second before hitting the send button, then drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Fixing my gaze on the ceiling in Roland’s room, I bit my lower lips as I winced in the familiar pain that always signaled his entry. His movements were steady and calculated, it will only take some minutes I thought to myself.

Moan, move your waist and stroke his back” I remembered Uju’s words from the discussion we had while she escorted me to the junction where I got a taxi to Roland’s place.

“You sure that will make him cum faster” I said

“Are you asking me that question? Just moan and make any sound you remember, guys think they are doing it right when you moan and it triggers them. He won’t know you’re faking it, just make it convincing”

“Ok, I will try”

“I don’t know why you can’t end this relationship sef”

Taking a deep breath, I started moving my fingers all over his back, he paused for a second and his pace and speed doubled and I felt more discomfort and the pain increased. Then I let out a low moan, I closed my eyes and spaced out. Moaning and groaning as I combined sounds I have heard in movies, read in numerous romance novels. He let out a loud growl and shook uncontrollably, I opened my eyes and smiled knowing he was done as I made a mental note to thank Uju for the tip. He looked at me with a satisfied smile on his face and placed a kiss on my parted lips. Uju definitely needs to start giving classes I thought as I grinned from ear to ear.

* * *

The day was still breaking as I walked down the quiet street to get a Cab home as I didn’t want to miss my morning lecture/test. I looked back and saw I wasn’t alone, but I couldn’t make out if it was a male or female as he or she wore a hooded sweater, and face to the ground. I quickened my step, as I got a little bit uneasy, looking back cautiously, the figure behind me had also quickened his step. I panicked, wondering if to run or slow down or if my imaginations were playing tricks on me. I decided to jog, a cold shiver ran down my spine when I turned and saw he/she was jogging towards me also. I broke into a run, then I felt my left feet hit a sharp object and I fell, a small scar was beginning to form close to my ankle as I robbed the sore spot. I attempted standing up, looking up I only saw a smile which sent shivers down my spine from a lips covered with bright red lipstick. Her face was well covered with the hood, as she reached for something in her pocket I let out a scream.

I jolted up right still breathing heavily, taking in my surroundings I realized it was a dream and I was still in Roland’s room.
“It looked so real” I thought aloud

As I dismissed the dream and tried to settle back to bed I felt a sharp pain close to my ankle, looking down at my feet I saw a small scar and I recognized it immediately. I broke into a sweat as a cold shiver ran down my spine

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DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine


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