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Chronicles of Omo Pastor | Episode 9

Chronicles of Omo Pastor

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I closed my eyes, trying to slow down my heartbeat. I could feel his chest behind me, I tried to shut every rational thoughts that was flying through my brain which stopped functioning an hour ago.

“A penny for your thoughts” he said

“I’m not thinking of anything” I lied

“Really?” He said turning me to my side, facing him

I pulled the mattress over my chest, he did a quick glance at my covered body and I felt another shiver run down my spine. I wondered how many shivers I would have in just an hour.

“I have to go home” I said clearing my voice

“Stay a little longer” He said smiling “We haven’t gotten to eat the dinner I promised you yet”

“You have said this a thousand times already and we haven’t made our way out of this bed” I said , “I have to go to church tomorrow. I have exams to study for, I can’t afford to stay and you are a distraction”

“I would take that as a compliment” a smile appeared on his handsome face

I sat up dragging the mattress with me.

“Can you give me some minutes, I want to dress up”

“Really?” he raised an eyebrow in disbelief

“Yes, really” I answered

He was silent for some seconds, then he sighed “Okay” I would be in the sitting room, meet me there. He dropped two quick kisses on my bare shoulders. I turned away as he pulled up his boxer shorts.

“What have I done!” I said almost too loudly not long after he left.

I looked at my exam docket maliciously, “this is all your fault” I muttered.

Amaka, how will you fix this? I asked myself. This is more than I bargained for, I kept asking myself questions as I dressed up and walked to the sitting room.

“I am ready” I announced as I entered the sitting room

“I called a cab man, he should be here soon. My car is at the mechanics. Should I get you something for you to eat while we wait?”

“No, I am fine”

We watched the movie showing on the T.V in silence, I knew he was deep in thoughts but he said nothing. Finally, finding courage I asked

“Do you engage in casual sex often?” I asked

He looked at me, “No” he paused then continued “I know you would find this hard to believe considering how we met but no I don’t”

“So, is she your girlfriend?” I asked the question I have been wanting to ask as I dreaded the worst response




“Friends with benefits?”

He paused for a while


I was getting frustrated with is one word answers

“Then what is she to you”

“She’s just a friend” He was quiet, I didn’t want to probe further.

Surprisingly he revealed more “It was my birthday, she wanted to give me a present I guess, it started with a kiss. I am grateful you interrupted us when you did. I won’t deny the fact she wants to be more than friends but I don’t want that”

I had so many other questions on my mind but I was silent and decided I have asked enough questions for the night

I started skipping through my phone, Uju and Jessica where already asking my whereabouts and if I have seen my exam docket. Uju as usual was still curious on whose place I forgot it.

“The cab man is here” he announced standing up ” I would be going with you just to be sure you home safe”

“You don’t need to” I protested

“Yes, I do, I would be less worried if I go with you”

“If you insist” I said, I muttered a silent prayer hoping Uju and Jessica won’t be sitting outside the gate.

Walking past him, he held me back; “I know this might sound wrong considering the circumstances but I don’t have casual sex. I am really attracted to you, I won’t go any further than you allow or ask me to but I won’t disappear either. I still feel the urge to have you for the fourth time today and that doesn’t happen often ” He paused anticipating a response from me but I was silent “Say something” he said

I didn’t know what to say at this point. He stepped a bit closer.

“I have a boyfriend”

“I know”

“That doesn’t bother you?”

“It depends on you, should I be bothered?”

Annoyed he was throwing my question back at me “Let’s go” I snapped.

He raised a brow, looked at me for some seconds then nodded his head.

The drive home seemed longer than usual, the silence between us was deafening, the soft music coming from the car radio was the only sound I could here. I decided to finally think. Yes, I am attracted to George but I didn’t think I was ready to take it further than that yet. Isn’t it surprising, just a few weeks ago my sun and moon revolved around Roland but now he barely came to my thoughts. I can’t break it off with him just yet, he just began to show more interest in me I tried to rationalise. But I knew this won’t be the last time with George, I wasn’t going to fool myself on this.

“When you have this expression on your face, I wonder what is going on in your head” His voice broke into my thoughts. Tilting my head, I was surprised to see he was sitting much closer to me

“I don’t want you to leave like this, stop over-analysing things, we are attracted to each other , let’s take it a step at a time and see how this goes”

Facing him fully, i wondered why God had to send me this type of tempting distraction. His eyes dropped to my lips, the next second our lips met, it went from soft to intense and I was thankful we were in a taxi. His finger was drawing a lazy circle on my lap.

“Oga, we don reach” the taxi driver announced

George however wasn’t in a hurry….his lips were moving even lower

“He said we are…..”. I said

“I heard him”, he whispered finally pulling away. “Should I see you off to your place?”

“No” I answered too quickly

Nodding in understanding “Take care, I would give you a call”

I didn’t wait to reply, I alighted the cab without giving him another glance I hurried to my gate.

* * *

Sitting at a secluded spot, I munched my meat pie as I watched my mum talking to one of our regular faces. My dad was in his office already attending to people who needed counselling, this sometimes took his whole day. Uju and Jessica left some minutes ago while I waited for my customary pre-exam prayer session with my mum. I wasn’t a dull student but mum believed passing exams did not require brains alone.

“Hey dear” Roland said settling in the seat beside me

“Hello” I replied

“You seem busy these days”

“I am preparing for my exams”

“Oh! All the best, you have smashed already ”

“I have missed you’ He said, placing his hand over mine

I discreetly withdrew my hand looking over to be sure my mum was still engrossed in her discussion.

I smiled at him, “How is work?”

“Fine” He said, returning his hand back to his lap.

“I got something for you” He said giving me a gift bag I didn’t notice before

I gave him my first genuine smile of the day, can you blame me? Show me that girl who doesn’t like gifts?

“Thank you” I held myself from hugging him

“How long will the prayer session with your mum last? So we can go have lunch and drop you home later”

“I can’t give a specific time”

“I will be at a friend’s place not far from here, call me when you are done”

“Ok” I said still smiling.

I watched him leave, still smiling like a teenager till George crossed my mind and the smile vanished. I remembered the hours we spent talking on the phone last night and this morning. My thoughts drifted to other forbidden zones, Amaka you are in church o! I scolded myself.


* * *

The week passed with me smiling and leaving the room every-time George calls, Uju was beginning to give me weird stares but she said nothing yet. My exams were going smoother than I could ever hope for, I haven’t had any dreams. Roland could contest for the best boyfriend ever, the change was so drastic it seemed almost like a movie.

“George and I have a date this evening” Uju announced interrupting my blissful thoughts.

“Finally!” Jessica laughed

“I thought you were no longer interested” I asked

“I said I will leave him if you are interested, or are you?”

“No!” I said picking a text book I previously dropped feigning interest in its content

“So, where is he taking you, let me tag along na” Jessica said

“Why? It is called a date for a reason. Three is crowd please”

“Please na, I am so bored”

“Better go and find another boyfriend, the way you are gumming body these days is becoming alarming”

Jessica laughed “Let’s go jor, Amaka would you like to join us?”

I was already boiling with anger as I kept wondering why George would go on a date with Uju.

“Do you mind?” I asked Uju

“Yes, I mind but do I have a choice, see Jessica is already picking her outfit”

I smiled, “I want to get recharge card”. I said leaving the room. I heard Uju and Jessica continue with their usual banter.

“Why are you going on a date with Uju?” I said without replying his hello

“Oh, she has been asking me to take her out. She said she was coming with you and Jessica”


“Are you mad or what?’

“No, we ain’t dating so why should I be”

“You sound pissed or do I sense jealousy?”


“But we could change things and you would be my girlfriend ”

“George please don’t start”

“Just thought I should remind you………Ok babe, what would you be wearing”

“Why do you want to know?”

He chuckled, I was smiling “You know why already”

* * *

I was thrilled to see him, he looked good as usual. We exchanged formal pleasantries while I looked away as Uju hugged him. Before long, we were sited and eating, while Uju made sure we didn’t run out of discussions… I felt a familiar buzz as I checked my BBM


*You look good

*Just good? #tongueout

*You’re a temptress, and you know it… I am trying not to stare here and listen to Uju

I looked up at him and our eyes met, we smiled and looked away almost immediately. My eyes went back to my phone screen.

*So what do you have in mind?

*You are becoming too bold Amaka

*I am learning from the best, oya focus on your ‘date’

The banter and flirty conversations on BBM continued with us stealing smiles and glances, Jessica and Uju were chatting away, and George was doing a good job keeping up with their conversations and ours.

Minutes after he dropped us home, I lied to my friends I was spending the night at Roland’s. I knew I should tell them about George especially now Uju was having hopes of having him but I wanted my fairy-tale romance to last a bit longer before reality and rational advice sets in.
“I have been wanting to take this off all day” He said as he pulled my gown over my head

“I thought I was going to have my cold stone Ice cream first” I said pouting playfully

He laughed “You aint having that either” nibbling my ear lobe

“You serious?”

“I would get you a bucket of ice cream if you want later but this one is mine”

“Why can’t I have this one?” I asked frowning

“Let me show you ” He said with a mischievous smile on his face. Picking up the red cup, I felt a cold sensation as the content dropped on my shoulder.

“George! you are wasting it and it is too cold” I protested weakly with a smile .

He said nothing, as he lowered his head and finding the spot where the ice cream was beginning to make a trail down my chest.

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