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Cynthia Morgan opens up on her ‘hot romance’ with Burna Boy

Burna Boy and Cynthia Morgan are really dating

There seems to be a thing between Cynthia Morgan and Burna Boy

Cynthia who just returned to Nigeria from her 24th birthday in Dubai went ahead to post new photos of Burna Boy on Instagram today.

In the first photo shared publicly, she acknowledges him as her “Man Crush Every PhuckingDay!#simatiniya” and in the second she praised his eye for detail saying : “Wen he tks note of every damn thing 😍even like lacing up ur boots?”

Burna Boy and Cynthia Morgan

A few minutes after posting the pictures however, Cynthia announced the reason for the intimate photos.


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Soo ok guys it is a video o 😂Enough of the Kruzzzzzzzzzzz…😂😛now watch out for “Simatiniya Video”.. Drops in an hour.#Themostanticipatedvideooftheyear.. Starring the one n only don gorgon himself @burnaboygram hey bby Thanks.. u is amazing.. it was awesome working togeda on this project.. and we found something🙊 Godbless you for your sweetheart #Myfavouritebadboy

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