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De Raufs offers Arik Stowaway boy scholarship to University level

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De Raufs, has volunteered to sponsor 15year old stowaway teenager, Daniel Ohikhena who sensationally hid in the tyre compartment of Arik air flight from Benin to Lagos.

According to Leadership newspaper,In a statement signed by the Director General of the group, Comrade Amitolu Shittu, the group stated that it �is ready to give scholarship to Daniel up to university level and help him realise his dream of travelling by air legitimately. Shittu said,

“genius and ambitious citizens of our country must not besuffocated on the alter of political and bureaucratic enforcement, the little boy’s ambition should be nurtured through qualitative
education, and the group is ready to give the boy all the necessary support to make his dream a reality.
We are �sincerely willing to offer him the scholarship in other to encourage thousands of teenagers who are genius and ambitious, the leaders in Nigeria fail on their part to see the potential of the little boy ,therefore De Raufs take up the responsibility to safe the future of this great boy and not turning him to criminal.”

Good stuff!!

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