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Dead Beat Fathers Are Just Sperm Donors – Gifty Powers

gifty 31035247515Gifty Powers has gone on Instagram to blast deadbeat fathers.

According to her, men who have kids that they do not take care of are not worthy of being a father.

Her words, “There is a giant different between a Dad & a Father. Now, a Dad is a sperm dono (one who distributes his sperm around without self-control). While, a Father is one who takes full responsibilities of his child, from pregnancy till date. If you are a man and feel so proud calling yourself a Father when you never even full plate b4, then you are nothing but a worthless thing and deserve a miserable death.”

Toke Makinwa must’ve inspired her, after the OAP recently came out too to say mean things about mean “fathers.” Her words, “I am sick of deadbeat fathers. This year I will not tolerate any shit from any man who decides to play God. If you put a woman in the family way, stand up and be counted. It’s not about not having money, the little you have is more honorable than nothing.

How do you sleep well at night? I don’t care what transpired between you two, no one forced you to have sex. a child was brought into this world and you two are responsible for that child. I am raising so many kids that I did not help create, now that’s not a problem for me cos many years ago I asked God to make me a lender to nations and as much as I can I’ll continue to support however I can.

What I won’t take is for you to beat the mother of your child. Even worse, in the presence of that child. Don’t go around beating anyone period! I am giving you 24 hours to contact her, buy back the phone you smashed in the process. How dare you threaten her? This one will be your last. You go to her, apologize to her and leave her the heck alone. If you are not going to support them, do not stand in her way. Talking about let’s see how you’ll get help now, really??? you left this girl stranded thru out her pregnancy, she’s come so far by herself without your contribution yet you dare try to sleep with her again, she said no and you beat her up? I am beyond livid.”

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