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Dental Menace In Rap

dental menace in rap

*Dips Quill into Ink Pot*
Pardon Me Readers, But I couldn’t come up with a Good Title for this Article. Anyways, as you read on, I’m sure you’ll get a Hang of why I chose this Title.
Tha Human Anatomy in respect to digestion was so beautifully Crafted in such a way that Food Ingestion undergoes a splendour of Processes b4 the final stage Excretion.
Saving the whole Tales of the Digestive system for tha Biologist, I Hate to get Hungry while Writing this Article.
But we sure could do with some “Food for Thought” when it comes to “Biting” in the HipHop Community.
Biting? Oh! Yeah, Biting…
Hold Up! Did bringing your teeth together over an object come to your Mind? Nah!!! Not that kinda Biting.
Now what Kinda Biting could I be talking about?
Straight Up Definition…. Biting in Rap-Term is when “Line(s)” from a Pre-Recorded Track is been Lifted by Another Artist and Used on His/Her own Track.
Now tha Menace with such act is the Obvious Show of Lack of Originality. Averaging between 85-95% of General Views and Opinions, Just 1 Bitten Line on a Good Track definitely Reduces tha Respect and Flair from Fans towards tha Dopeness of tha Art, thereby bringing about a slide in tha Rating to all the Work done in every aspect of tha Track Compilation.

*Dips Quill again*
Imagine u Bumping to a very Nice Nas Track and after a couple of shuffles, u come across a new upcoming track with a dope line bitten from tha Previous Nas Track you were listening to. What would be your Mental Reaction the moment the line strikes ur Eardrums and Travels up to ur Cerebral?
….. You still see nothing wrong with Biting?

HIPHOP/RAP is so Unique that it really shouldn’t be Compared to DANCE, RnB or other Genres. Singers could Lift a Melodious Line from a Top selling Song and add it to His/Her own Track just to keep tha Buzz and Vibe going….But its a BIG NO to do this In RAP.
Review shows Biting is majorly common with tha Upcoming Rappers. Oh No! Dats a Bad Way to Kick off your Career. If you gon’ start from tha GrassRoot aiming for tha Top-Fruit, then Originality should be 1 Major Key in your Consideration.
Rather than BITE….CREATE and Get APPRECIATED….*Drops Quill*

Now Remember, No Idea Is Original…But Been Original is sure 1 helluva Good Idea.

NB: This Article was written not to Mock any artist but to draw our instincts closer to tha Betterment of HipHop/Rap in advantage to our Own Improvement.

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