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Diary Of A University Girl [Episode 6] Nemesis

Diary Of A University Girl

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One thing about people and problems is that it’s much easier when you hear of it but when you come face to face with it, you have more than a thousand reasons to act out but in the end.. you do nothing

Aunt Bridget at first glance looked like Aunty of the year, that kind of aunt that would slip you a candy bar even when your parents rebuke you from having any, or the type of aunt that would make you ride the roller coaster even when your mum said it looked dangerous.. a typical everyone’s dream Aunt, beneath it all was just filth!

She looked up at me and gave off a soothing smile.
“Your friend Mark said you would show up” she stood up and adjusted the folds on her gown “Stay with her for a while, let me see if I can fetch her something to eat” she walked gracefully out of the ward.

I almost kicked myself hard for going mute, I couldn’t even bring myself to utter a word not even one word at least it would have been better if I was monosyllabic.

Sarah tilted her head to the angle where I still stood transfixed. She smiled warmly, her face was pale like it was drained of blood. I always called her ‘Tomato Jos’ or ‘egovine nwa’ because of her light skin that shone like a fluorescent bulb but now she looked like a ghostly figure.

“Nkem” she barely muttered the word
“I rather you don’t call me that” I said as I approached her bed
“Okay” she whispered
“Why would you do this? What if you died? I can’t believe you tried to turn this on me” I cursed under my own breath
“I didn’t know what to think, you didn’t pick my calls, my imaginations ran wild, I thought you might have told people about the diary. David I am not that girl anymore, I have changed” she tried to placate me
“Really? What is your Aunt doing here then? So you still keep in touch with her, what else should I know? Are you even the virgin you claimed to be?” I rasped throwing a thousand hurtful questions to her
“This is unfair, I couldn’t call my mom, she is the only adult that will come to my aid without judging me. I am tired of apologising so if you came here to judge me, I suggest you leave” she turned her head to the other side.

I could hear her sniffing and sobbing silently but I just let the rage take over me. I hissed and stomped out of the ward almost barging into Aunt Bridget who was back from the food hunt.

The frantic and persistent knocking on the door brought me back from dreamland. I was still much drowsy when I stood up to open it. Onyinye stood outside with her hands akimbo, she brushed past me and came into the room.
“Where have you been?” She queried
“Didn’t Mark tell you? Sarah was admitted she attempted suicide. Look I am very tired I haven’t slept since, if you are here for Mark he went for morning mass he would be back soon” I climbed back into the bed.
She shoved me hard and hit me on my back to my surprise.
“If she attempted suicide, so? She would have died then silly girl” she hissed loudly
“What has come over you Onyinye? You used to be nice and caring, or was that just camouflage?” I laid my back on the wall and held the pillow to my chest
“People sure bring out the worst in you” She looked at me steadily with an intense look, next thing I knew she was already on me, tugging my shirt and kissing me wildly. I tried to shove her off me and at the same time I gave into her tease. We wrestled on the bed until I laid atop her and yanked at her lace g-string cupping her curvy behind in my hand.

Suddenly the door of my room swung open..damn it! How on God’s green earth did I leave it open..


DJ STiphBami โ€“ Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

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Shadow โ€“ Dead Roses

TareeQ โ€“ Medicine


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