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Did M.I diss Olamide in his single King James? | Read

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Two weeks ago, the internet was buzzing about Jude ‘M.I’ Abaga quitting music or fighting his record label owners.

Well, here we are today. He’s gone on to drop some new music, titled ‘King James‘.

Love it? Yeah, me too..

He has been M.I.A for a long time and this is a great way of reintroducing himself and challenging other rappers.

In reviewing the track, I noticed that so many punch lines directly or indirectly hit Olamide (in my opinion).

Both rappers have allegedly been at loggerheads in recent times, and a video of Olamide apologizing to M.I at the Star Trek event leaked online earlier this year.

Together, let’s check the verses out.

M.I’s King James: ‘Four years I’ve been away, still nothing this hot popping today.’

M.I hasn’t made any music or collaboration since 2010, when he released M.I 2, and Olamide has released 3 hot, major albums Rapsodi, YBNL, Baddest Guy Ever Liveth’ in this period

M.I’s King James: ‘You were rapping when I broke out, your flow got me allergic’

Olamide dropped his first album, Rapsodi in 2011, M.I hasn’t released an album ever since.

M.I’s King James: ‘That M.I flow is clean; your whole style needs detergent’

Olamide’s flows can be very dirty and vulgar. Is M.I advising Olamide?

M.I’s King James: ‘Get out my throne, get out of my throne’

Olamide’s ‘Sitting On The Throne’ states: ‘I’m sitting on the throne Mi o ba M.I ja du chairman’ and here is M.I ordering the occupant to vacate the seat.

M.I’s King James: ‘Wait, no one is sitting there, I understand.. Nobody rapping can sit on my chair’

Olamide said he is on the Rap throne, but M.I claims no rapper is sitting on his chair and no one can.

M.I’s King James: ‘Best rapper alive’

Olamide disregards whatever competition there might be on ‘Baddest Nigga Ever Liveth’ – he said ‘So ro bo ya mo wa tepa n bi abi emi wa ja fun best rapper, best rapper bawo’ – here is M.I, the self acclaimed ‘best rapper alive’.

Download King James Audio here


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