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Etcetera throws shots at Genevieve, Freeze, Omoni Oboli, et al In New Article


Last week, Etcetera released an article and he took shots at Funke Akindele, Ini Edo, others. He titled it Lekki Husbands part1, here’s the part 2.

Shade, are you ok? Now you are beginning to sound like that your yeye friend that they say slept with a former vice president and paid dearly for it. I heard she spent all the money she got from him on treatments afterwards.
‘Hahaha Valerie, Valerie! you sef no dey forget something?’
‘But truth be told, I have warned all my friends including you, to try and stay away from politicians especially now that election is around the corner.

These are dangerous times in our hustling calendar. Very soon you will start seeing headless and mutilated corpses everywhere. And most of these corpses are girls like us who love sweet-mouth.’
‘Shade, why don’t they use guys too for these rituals? It’s not fair naa. Why only girls?’
‘Valerie, are you that dumb? How many guys do you see standing by the roadside waiting for a free ride? Guys are smarter than us. Na our long throat dem take dey catch us.’

‘Shade, I don’t think our friend Nkem can ever stop chasing after politicians oo. She has become addicted to their groove. I heard her talking about the things they do every night, I was so shocked and didn’t know my mouth was hanging wide open. That girl knows all the classy and coded joints in this town. Even the local nkwobi and isiewu joints too.’

‘Leave that one, let her continue. Na that nkwobi dem go take finish her. Shebi if dem finish the nkwobi wey dey for plate, dem go enter the one wey dey inside her cloth?’
‘Shade are you trying to scare me with this gist this early morning because you know my movie premiere is holding later this afternoon at the presidency?’

‘Hahaha! Babes no let dem chop your nkwobi oo.’
‘Na today dem begin chop am? I no mind if dem chop am so far dem show me the money. Shade, I forgot to tell you sef, I went out with a man last night and he has promised to replace that my stolen car.’
‘YAAAAY!!! That’s my girl. I am so happy for you dear. Abeg ask whether im get any friend? Me sef want a new car oo. My dear, it is so sweet to be a female celeb in�naija mehn. We are the chosen ones.’
‘Shade�abeg�I’m cutting this call jare, it’s almost 6am and I haven’t even slept since I got back. Don’t forget that our flight is for 9am.’

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