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Exclusive interview with Mr Universe Nigeria Tourism 2015, Kennedy Mgboji

Mr Tourism, Kenny Mgboji

Enjoy this exciting interview with Mr Universe Nigeria Tourism 2015, Kennedy Mgboji

Have you always dreamt of being here or was it an overnight decision for you?

Well I have always been a fan of the entertainment industry and it’s been my dream to be part of it someday so Yes I have always dreamt of being here.

What was your focus and target while getting prepared for the competition, did you just want to be part of it or did you already have a certain level of assurance that you were going to win the competition?

My focus and target was simply Winning. Thats the mindset at which I go into any competition. As for assurance on winning, nothing is gauranteed but I’ll rather attempt to do something great and fail than do nothing at all.

So what did you do differently from the other contestants that got you the crown?

Well, nothing extra-ordinary, I was just ‘ME’ basically. That, no one else can be.

Do you think the competition presented a fair enough and standard level playing ground for all the contestants?

Yes it did. Its was fair. I had fun and am sure other contestants did.

What has winning the contest changed about your person, attitude and level of confidence?

Well, nothing exactly. I have always been down to earth kinda guy, a goal getter, social and confident. But I would appreciate every new door it will open for me.

What are you going to do differently as the present Mr. Universe Tourism that your predecessors haven’t done?

What exactly have my predecessors done again? Lol.. I’m sorry but I don’t compare myself to anyone. So I guess y’all will have to wait and see what I’ll do in the future. Watch the space and get ready for another interview. *winks*

Being a power pusher, to what extent do you consider using steroids and how much of it do you think should be used?

I have never been a fan of steroids, I have always believed in clean and healthy fitness lifestyle. Beside some of them have got negative side effects, so I don’t think I’ll need or advice anyone to go using them.

Come next year, you will be handing over your crown to a new Mr. Universe Tourism what legacy do you hope to pass along to your successor?

Lol.. well we still got a long road till next year, so like I said earlier y’all would have to wait to find out. So y’all stay tuned.

Mr Kennedy Mgboji

Now that you are Mr. Universe Tourism, how do you manage the increase of women who crave for your attention and want a little of your time?

I love women and I also respect them. I think they are God’s most beautiful creation. Am not a flirt so nothing will change. I’ll appreciate the love and support but I will never take advantage of them. If they truly support me, they would be regardless.

If as Mr. Universe Tourism you have the power to make just one thing work in this country, what will that be?

The Educational Sector

Is there anything extraordinary in modelling that is unknown to Nigerians?

Well am here now, so I’d definitely keep y’all posted if I stumble on any.

What is your advice to the young people aspiring to become outstanding figure like you?

Ah emi outstanding? jor oh i dey loyal. Well your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. Its important to stoke those fires regularly, even daily so that you don’t get into the mentality that you can’t succeed or that failure is an option cause ITS NOT!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5yrs?

More successful than I am now brother. Lol

Thank you for your time!

Thank You

Mr Tourism

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