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Fayose Will Soon End Up In Jail � Fayemi Reveals

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Former Governor of Ekiti state and current Minister of solid mineral development, Kayode Fayemi, has stated that Governor Fayose of Ekiti state and his jokes will soon end in jail.

The minister disclosed this in an interview with Vanguard while responding to the issues raised against him by Fayose saying that the governor is cooking up a white paper that he can shop around with a view to getting him banned from public office.

He said: �I am always unequivocal in my view about him as a misfit and a rabble-rouser who has not learnt anything from his previous travails after being thrown out of office in 2006.

�So, how do I respond to something I regard as illegal and unconstitutional by a governor who I have the least regard for? What Ayo Fayose set up was a kangaroo panel with a clear mandate to work to a predetermined answer.

�Try and remember the genesis of the panel. His rubber stamp House of Assembly passed a resolution that he should probe Fayemi over alleged stealing of N852 million from SUBEB and for giving President Buhari N1.5 billion of Ekiti money.

�Based on that resolution, he set up the Oyewole panel after I’d gone to court to challenge the shenanigans in the assembly.

�If you had followed the Ayo Fayose story, he believes that (I am) the only one in this state who can clip his boisterous wings and he wants to do everything to embarrass me in the hope or expectation that I will come crawling to beg him.

�Unfortunately for him, he has chosen the wrong target this time. He started by denying me my entitlements as prescribed by law as a former governor of this state. I didn’t even bat an eyelid.

�Even all my political appointees who served the state with distinction were denied their severance claims and entitlements, and he tried to use the payment as a bait to lure some of them to his side. Again, he failed, no appointee of mine left APC to join him.

�So, a panel which started with the so-called N852 million that Fayemi stole from SUBEB fell flat as it could not even sustain the lie that any money was missing, especially after the bank, Access Bank told his panel the bank took back their money because government did not fulfill the terms and conditions attached to the loan after I left office.

�They also informed all and sundry that it was the Fayose administration that took the N71 million interest that accrued.

�By the time the joke of a panel completed its hatchet job, what Fayemi stole had shifted from N852m to 17 buses and he also mismanaged the bond and must explain N2.6 billion. At the risk of being immodest, everyone in this country knows that I am an advocate of transparency and accountability in public office.

�I’d be happy to explain anything that’s unclear after leaving over 500 pages, painstakingly detailed hand-over note on my stewardship; but not to an administration that has no interest in seeking the truth. Without prompting, I declared my assets publicly when I became Ekiti governor and did when I left office.

�There is nothing that I have by way of assets that I cannot defend. And as President Buhari’s pointsman at NEITI who also chairs the Inter-agencies task force on anti-Corruption, I have a duty, indeed a responsibility not to do anything to bring his name or mine into disrepute.

�Now, tell me: is Fayose a serious human being? I’m told he’s now cooking up a white paper that he can shop around with a view to getting me banned from public office. Can you imagine? What a joker! Anyway, the less said, the better on the panel.

�We will see who would end up in jail in Nigeria between Ayo Fayose and I. You see me in Ekiti all the time, I walk around Ekiti freely. We shall see if Ayo Fayose will be able to walk freely after October 16, 2018.’’

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