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Femi Ogedengbe replies Nigerians for criticising the names of his twins


Femi Ogedengbe has lashed out at people who insulted him and his wife for naming their twins Nollywood and Hollywood. Femi said the same Nollywood they used in insulting him, made him today, and if not for the movie industry he might have been dead by now, because he would have probably joined a robbery gang like most of his friends did, who are late today because there were no jobs in the country. �Here is what he said to BON.

�Hahahahahahah Nigeria my country! The level of hypocrisy in Nigeria is just too high…..Or how do I explain the attack I and my wife have received on different blogs for adding Nollywood & Hollywood among the names we gave our bundles of Joy : King Praise Micheal Victor Tochukwu Jesuogbo Iyinoluwa Hollywood & Queen Grace. Continue after the cut.

Michelle Victoria Peculia Chimamaka Jesukomeh Opeoluwa Nollywood .�

I guess all those who condemned us have been so blinded by hatred that they couldn’t see all other names but the HOLLYWOOD and Nollywood… Anyway thanks for noticing me my wife and our children But what is really bad in those two names?

Yes , there is always two sides to a coin and everything in life is to me like an abstract art work of a genius. It always comes with different interpretations depending on how every one perceive it from there stand point …..

Most people who criticise the names gave their reason , they said the two industries (HOLLYWOOD & NOLLYWOOD) are synonymous with immorality. And I wonder if they are truly alright at all because if they are normal they will know that despite some of the negative reports from Nollywood, it is safe for Nigerians to declare a Nollywood day because this is an industry that has consistently put our name in the world map and when you are fortunate to travel out of Nigeria, then you will realise we Nigerians are the only people that are not proud of NOLLYWOOD.�

If we choose to look inward then questions like ; where and what would have been of names like, Tonto Dike, Mercy Johson, Jim Iyke, Kevin Ikeduba , Odun Adekola, in a country where unemployment is at it highest level. I for one will still be in the back street of Mushin hustling or dead like 35 of my childhood friends who all died between 1990 � 1995 around wuraola in pako Eleja Area because they all decided to take the short-cut (armed robbery). But thanks to Nollywood, I am now Femi Ogedengbe!�

It is a pity that people will seat in the comfort of there homes, hide behind the freedom that such platforms as Facebook and all other social network provide to judge the logic behind the actions of people they don’t know.�

Here in Nigerian there is a town called Umuagwo & Umueke (descendants of snakes) and you don’t think that is weird enough but some of you whose family names are something around the neighbourhood of Esubiyi, Sango this and Ogun that join in condeming a name that has its origin in such a vibrant industry as Nollywood that has engaged more Nigerian youth in one way or the other and have helped in no small measure in putting smile on our collective faces unlike the Nigeria corrupt politicians who we shamelessly sing their praise ..

In as much as I appreciate everyone who congratulated me and my wife Nkechi Diane, the matter wey dey face Nigeria pass ‘Femi Ogedengbe Name pikin’s Hollywood & Nollywood. Abi na bro’s Boko �insecurity” Haram we want talk about abi na corruption we wan yan….

In my little way I have addressed the issue of corrupt politician in my 1994 movie (Tear of the GHETTO). What have you all done to show your displeasure? Nothing but you wan carry placards to protest my children names.

…..Uncles and Aunts make una park well oh …Long live Nigeria”

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