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Flames of Love | Episode 1

Flames of Love

As I lay there on the cold bare floor with my face upward staring into empty space, I thought for a long time how wasteful I had been in terms of..

“Bose? Bose? Bee baby!” it felt like a needle had pierced my eardrum. I had to cover my ears with my palms to stop that disturbing voice from interrupting my thoughts. I was wrong, it kept on saying my name. It became louder and louder. I shut my eyes, firmly this time hoping it would all go away. Now something else interrupted, this time I recognised what it was.

To my utter most amazement i felt water dripping down my shorts! I could not really say i was on my feet or knees but, good gracious! I was dripping!
I closed my eyes in annoyance, clenching my fist, I bit my lower lip to further emphasize how incensed I was. I yelled in annoyance:
“who da hell poured water on me?” (no reply) if the person won’t talk, I swear I’ll beat the crap out of the slow-poke”.
I opened my eyes, lifting my eyelids slowly hoping to see the mumu that poured water on me. “Filled with rage, my eyes were bloodshot. The sight of what I saw frightened me, my heart skipped a beat. ‘Jesus!’ I exclaimed..

Earlier that fateful morning, I had woken up feeling happy for no reason. My room-mate Titi also known as La-teazy for her nicely shaped body which drives most of the guys in my school crazy, was still asleep. (Oh! I never got to introduce myself, my names are Agbaje Bose. A 200 level student of His Grace college of Education and this is my story). It happened that my so called friend had partied all night long, leaving me alone to drown in my own thoughts. Yes! That made me a little bit annoyed so much all I wanted to do then was hit her with something.

Then I remembered, I had an assignment to be submitted exactly 7:45am. I rushed at the door with full speed when I noticed it was already 7:30am! “Ah! I am done for today, that bald headed man won’t take this assignment from me, if I should I arrive a minute past the given time”.
As I rushed in with a pail of water, I noticed it was already 7:35am, leaving me with just ten minutes to prepare. “oh poo!” I place the pail somewhere and dashed out with full speed, running and walking the same time.
On my way, I noticed all I had on was a top and shorts. I looked around quickly and luckily for me, someone forgot her skirt on the ladies laundry line. I took it stealthily and ran off. I hailed a bike and headed for class looking rough. The way I alighted was funny, even to me. I can bet not even Jackie Chan could do that.
Fortunately I was the last to submit. ‘oh’ I took in a sharp but deep breath. I felt my body was not at ease, and this I noticed happens when someone is staring at me. I raised a bit to catch a glimpse of what was going on around me,staring down at me where I was seated was this face I never knew existed on earth. The cutest and most handsome guy I’ve ever seen. I was quite sure if snow white had seen this guy, she wouldn’t have thought twice about breaking up with charming. As I was about speaking, he adjusted his spectacles and walked away. This felt like a disgrace on my part. I went back to my room, flung away the stolen skirt, and lay on the bare floor thinking of how wasteful I had been in terms of opportunities..
Now back to what I said frightened the life out of me, it was a toad. Its croak made me want to jump out of my skin. Darn it! I hate toads.

It croaked again. This time, louder than before. I screamed on top of my voice for help. The toad must have thought I was snow-white or something because, it came closer to me the more i screamed.
I heard footsteps approaching. Three guys rushed in; one with a broom, one with basket and the other with a club. I was surprised because , I never expected three guys to come in with all what they had on them. They tried to capture it but all to no avail. Nothing worked. Instead they joined me in screaming for help, and this was annoying. When nothing worked I burst into tears. The next thing I saw was a guy who rushed in, hit the toad with a big stick,and down it went.
He packed the disgusting dead little thing and disposed it. “My knight in shiny armour” I said filled with peace and happiness. As I was about giving him a hug turned out it was the same guy in spectacles. Then I thought (this is my chance gat to use it wisely).
The handshake metamorphosed into a handshake almost immediately, using my ‘boy you look hot’ voice I said hi. Then I remembered how messy and untidy my room was. Hanging over the door knob was my pant! The floor was littered with la-teazy’s clothes,and right in-between us lay my favourite toothbrush.. Then I remembered it all happened in the morning, when I was trying to meet up with the assignment’s deadline.. Smile was playing at the corner of his pink kissable lips.. Not just any smile he was mocking me! I felt weak inside out all of a sudden. Thankfully, other guys had left except my roomie standing by the door, empty bucket in hand. Now my senses came back to me. She poured the water on me! She caused this! I thought,shifting the blame on her. Infuriated, I turned sharply, this actually cost me my ego ‘again’.
I tripped then somehow, some sort of masculine hands gripped me and held me steady. My heart was already in my mouth as I had thought I would fall and,that would mark the end of me walking amongst friends without being made fun of. I opened my eyes as I had shut them before only to see ‘Mr cute in spec’ looking at me in a worried state. I could swear those lips were inviting and tantalizing at the same time. How much i wanted to feel..
“are you alright?” (oh good Lord, he’s cute, has nice lips now a nice baritone to go with it? Lord this is temptation in disguise)
I thought silently, ‘are you alright?’ he repeated. “oh.. I.. um.. I’m fine”. He raised me up, dusted his trousers and left. I stared at him as he was leaving, walking with such grace and poise.. “are you alright?” oh hell that voice! I zeroed my mind off him and concentrated on the tiny voice, turning, my head towards where the voice was coming from, it was the same voice that interrupted my goddamn thoughts! “hey lady! If you want to be that useless, trust me I’m cool with it. I don’t f*cking care if you are my roomate or not! Stop disturbing my life! Stooop! I’m sick of all this. O gel, me no care if someone give una bele for party, I go shop rice tire for naming! Mtchew! Get out of my sight, bush thing!”

I walked out knowing i was guilty and all I said to her was too mean.. but I didn’t care. I just wanted to release my anger on something.. On someone..

Flames of Love is written by: Olaleye-Otunla Tolani

Facebook: Olaleye-Otunla Tolani

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