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Flames of Love | Episode 3

Flames of Love

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Running as fast as my legs could carry me, I dashed into the compound. The guy who came to get me was right behind me trying to catch his breath. I stepped on something sticky “ewwww!” I looked at the sole of my shoe to check what it was, gasping

“Now I know it’s true”, I couldn’t believe she was gone.

I sat on the floor sobbing not minding my skirt was the new one I bought from Mama Caro. I was rocking back and forth with sobs.

“nooo!” tears rolled down my cheek as sweat gathered at my forehead.

“how did how did it happen?” I said in a voice I could hardly recognise as mine. Shivering so badly it took a while to stand up.

“No! I will not seat back until I avenge her death!” I said with revenge boiling in me.

The guy that came to call me held me tight and tried to calm me down but I refused. With the strength and rage in me, I pushed him away, headed straight for my room, the guy out took to his heels at the sight of knife in my hand.

I knew the guy that came to call me was actually running to a particular destination which remained unknown to me. I followed him.

Surprisingly ran into the general kitchen in the compound. I wondered why but didn’t hesitate to keep running after him.

Immediately I entered the kitchen I saw her there, lying in the bowl stone dead! I went pale with terror, my legs became so heavy making it difficult for me to walk faster. I gathered her in my arms and wept.

“my pink feathered chicken! Who did this to you? who!” I said as I touched its red comb which was now pale to show its dead..

She was given to me by my ex boyfriend a year before that time. How much I loved it, now some hungry set of people have killed it.

Touching its pink wing feathers, lightly I took her, checked the stove if the was enough kerosene, lit it, placed a pot filled with water on top and I said “rest in perfect peace my pinkylicious” as I got rid of its head by chopping it off.

I had finished cooking my pinkylicious when Titi came in with a bowl filled with grinded pepper. Oh my, oh my, I thought loudly.. My mouth was watery already couldn’t wait to start eating the chicken. I flashed a teasy smile, not just any smile but a smile that had so many things embedded in it. I gave her time to drop the bowl gently, then rushed at her holding a knife to her throat..

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Flames of Love is written by: Olaleye-Otunla Tolani

Facebook: Olaleye-Otunla Tolani


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

TareeQ – Medicine

Shadow – Dead Roses


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