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Ghanaian Blogger Mad At Chris Brown For Calling Azonto A Nigerian Dance.

Wizkid & Chris Brown

While granting an interview yesterday, Chris Brown revealed he had infused the Ghanaian dance move into his latest video and attributed its origination to Nigeria. He also recalled meeting Nigerian pop singer Wizkid who taught him the dance move.

Understandably, Ghanaians are unhappy about CB’s wrong assumption on the origin of Azonto, with one blog ‘Ghana Celebrities’ posting in an article ‘WTF: Chris Brown Talks About AZONTO On BET, But He Says The Dance Is A Nigerian Thing

See how the site reported it ‘It seems Chris Brown coming to Ghana and introducing Nigerian artiste-Wizkid on stage to do Azonto was not a mere mistake. In fact, Chris Brown thinks Azonto is a Nigerian thing

Probably he is taking the piss out of Ghanaians by failing to credit Ghana with the dance which has gained international recognition

Talking about his new album ‘X’ and music video ‘Fine China’ on BET 106 & Park yesterday, Chris Brown mentioned that he has incorporated a dance from Africa called Azonto into his dance moves in the video. He even went ahead to request for a tune to be played, so he can demonstrate Azonto to the millions of viewers.

Unfortunately, he linked Nigeria’s Wizkid to the dance, saying he learnt it from him-that is not so bad. But he categorically added that, Azonto is a Nigerian thing

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