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Horror, anger, condemnation as Enugu traditional ruler accuses subjects of witchcraft (Photos)


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According to Chukwudi Iwuchukwu, a lawyer and blogger. Chukwudi tweets from @Chukwudi1985.
The story sounds like a fairy tale or a Nollywood epic movie script but the story is real and happened in Unadu community in Enugu State.
The traditional ruler of Unadu community In Nsukka Enugu State a retired police officer, Barnabas Agbaji who allegedly forced himself to become the Igwe (chief) of the town recently elevated the act of wickedness by allegedly arresting” two of his subjects Remigus Nwa Ikeagwu and Silas Ameh, arbitrarily accused them of witchcraft, reportedly convicted the accused of being guilty of the offence of Witchcraft, hung a tire around their necks, tied fresh palm fronds all over their bodies and paraded them around the community as common criminals!!

According to a source in the community, the Traditional Ruler has been ruling the town with high handedness and impunity, leaving his subjects in fear and misery, boasting that nothing will happen to him because of his Influence in Enugu state Government.
Tension is already running high in the community and from my investigation, his people are spoiling for war, threatening fire and brimstone if appropriate action is not taken against the ex-policeman now Traditional Ruler and some of his subjects are calling for his dethronement because his recent bizarre action on his subjects is the height of what they can tolerate.
The question is: During his service years in the Nigerian police, did this man ever arrest and successfully prosecute anyone for practicing witchcraft? Under which law did he do this?

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