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I Am For Change


My current political body language is ‘Anti – Status quo’. That has led to so many of my friends and colleagues asking if I’m for the opposition viz General Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressive Congress (APC). My reply has always been the same; “I’M FOR CHANGE”.

I’m for whoever will change the epileptic power supply that I experience daily, I’m for whoever will change the bad state of our roads, infrastructures, hospitals, and schools. I’m for whoever will change the current conditions my kidnapped Chibok Sisters and their families in the North-East live in, I’m for whoever will change the unemployed status of most of my friends I left the University with, I’m for whoever will change the fear I experience when my dad returns from work later than usual, I’m for whoever will change the future I and my baby brother will grow up in, I’m for whoever will change the state of my country for good.

Now, even if the Change agents I support don’t emerge victorious at the polls, I’ve worn. How? Because I’ve shown that I matter, I’ve shown that i have a voice, I’ve shown that I’m not a person to be toiled with if you want to keep your political job. I will also beat my chest and say I’ve fought a worthy cause. I was part of the millions of citizens for the first time, who stood up to Politicians and said ‘Never again’.

For me, it’s even more exciting because my current stance has made it clear to political office holders that I can disrupt their sense of entitlement that overtime has permeated Nigeria’s political system.

I’m for Change and whoever that represents, kudos!, you’ve earned my vote.

HARRI OBI is a broadcast media practitioner.

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