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“I am Not Planning to Vote in February” – Timaya



The 2015 Election is Just weeks away and yeah, Various Political parties have started their campaigns urging Nigerians to vote for them coe February..

One Person who is not planning to vote this coming election is Timaya. Speaking with Nigeriafilms.com read the Excerpts below..

Congrats on your new album Epiphany, why did you use the name Epiphany?
Thank you, Epiphany is a re-invention of me. I have been in the industry for some years now and know what sells. It is a consolidation of my previous works and a redirection of what Timaya is now up to.

An American artiste also has that name as his album, why that?
Yes, it was after I pushed my work out and named my album Epiphany that I found out that T-Pain has also used it. It’s like ‘you com by new car and you come see say other people get the kind car wey you buy’. I guess it’s a coincidence. My own Epiphany redefines a new Timaya, bigger and better.

People have this notion that Timaya is arrogant
Thank you, but that is old news. As you can see, I’m not one. It’s just like you journalists coming to ask me about my relationship with Empress Njamah In this 2014? That is crab and I expect more from you journalists.

We are now in a political season, will you also go home to Bayelsa to sing for politicians?
No! I don’t sing praises to men again, I sing praises to God. If they invite me to come perform in an event, I’ll go and do my thing but not to go and sing the praises of a politician. Our politics leaves much to be desired and I’m not planning to vote in the first place. Maybe if things change, I’ll change my mind.

Your song ‘Sanko’ is becoming a hit song and it’s trending. How did you pull it through?
Yea, I give thanks to God for the success. ‘Sanko’ is a dance hall song and it shows that Timaya is still very much relevant and my spirit is hungry. I’m still an upcoming artiste. I’ve so much energy to give and fans should watch out for the rebranded Timaya.

You now have a new hairstyle and your kind of song has changed
It was deliberate. The face of music is changing and you must change with the times or you’ll be left behind. I used to do dreadlocks because I wanted to be known and different. So I made myself look crazy at a point in my life by wearing dreads. The things and controversial things I did then was eliberate for the media to report because I was just an unknown artiste from Bayelsa. Now with my new look, folks say I look different. Well that is what they call rebranding.

So what should we expect from Timaya in 2015?
I’m praying to God for a better life. I went to Shiloh to pray and dedicate my life and career to Him. Let the wind blow me into the right direction. I have committed my 2015 into God’s hands. I don’t want to struggle for things any more. When God blesses your work, a little labour brings much effort.

So, will you be getting married anytime soon?
I don’t know about that. You people want me to marry in 2015 and I’m not ready for that. So, no Timaya Junior yet. The reason why I post my daughter’s picture on Instagram is because I love her a lot. She means a lot to me.

But you have the money to marry Timaya?
Marriage is not all about money. You think we artistes have all the money in the world. It is a lie and we just put a front to show that we are rich. Marriage is not it for money now. I mean, I’m still young and have a big career and tasks to accomplish before me.

Your music has changed, what’s the secret?
Yeah, it’s all about hard work. No Nigerian musician has ever rebranded 100% and changed his music. I have done that. I realised that what brought us this far in music industry is the old music that impacts the society and enhances our cultural value not the kind of music and noise that we hear today. I also did those bad music but I have turned it low and I’m now tuned to do more good music.

But your video like ‘Shake Your Bum Bum’ has a lot vulgarity in it?
That was what the people wanted to hear as at that time. And it is what puts food on our table and generate megabucks. I have other songs like Bow Down and people like that too. ‘Shake Up your Bumbum’ remix with Sean Paul generated 13 million views and it was loved by everybody. That is the kind of song that people love, club songs with women in their fleshy nature and it’s no one’s fault. That is part of the pop culture that we find ourselves.

So, what is your take on current trends in the music industry?
The industry is getting better and busier. At this level of my stay in the industry, I don’t want to struggle for what is mine. I’ll do my stuff, perform my gigs and count the mega bucks. The other time, I was urged to get more people to follow me on twitter. For what? If I don’t deserve it so why should I pay to be verified. I don’t need that kind.

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