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I Don’t Join Political Parties To Be On The Winning Side – Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

An ex Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has come out to shed more light on the circumstances surrounding his brief alliance with APC.

He recently revealed the good reasons behind his actions during an interview, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, he is not a serial party crosser because he only left PDP to another party for 9 months, and returned immediately, so Nigerians should get things straight.

Femi added that he left PDP for very good reason at the time, and he doesn’t join political parties to be on the winning side.

His words, “Let me start by asking your definition of the word serial, because for around 20 years that I’ve been in politics, I mean in the same party have been in PDP since 2002, which I joined initially right up till the end, except for one occasion.”

“I was in APC for 9 months and sure I went back. It’s not 2 crossings, simply one crossing and I went back home. In almost 20 years of being in a party, I went to another party for another 9 months and I went back to my party, so that’s the first thing we have to make clear. Now if you want to talk about serial party crossers, please direct this topic to people like Bola Tinubu, El Rufai, Saraki and others.”

“They are the ones that come and go. And if I choose to go to another party tomorrow I have my reasons. I don’t join political parties simply because I want to be on the winning side. I don’t leave political parties simply because the weather is changing and I’ve changed my mind. I chose to leave PDP at the time of which there was a damn good reason for it. And I told the president at the time why I left.”

“I left Because the representation of the S/West- Yoruba people weren’t enough within that party at the time and also I thought Boko Haram was not being fought enough and nine months later after being on the other side for a while, I realized what was brewing and unlike many others, after recognizing the fact that this was a party formation that was not gonna work well for Nigeria, changed my mind and decided to try and fix the problems within PDP. Which we did because when I came back we gained far more representation for Yorubas in the PDP and decided to go back to the field. There was anybody in the S/west at that time who was in APC, yet we managed to get 49% of the vote for PDP in the 2015 elections for Jonathan. I’m very happy about that.”

“Many people refused to say a word, many of the cowards talking today refused to talk or speak or criticize President Buhari for 5 years. From day 1 I started and went on right up until very recently, criticizing him every day. Now that’s, not a serial party crosser. That is a consistent man.”

“I’m so consistent because I’m telling the opposition right now if you want to know. To your question between PDP and APC, now as we speak there’s very little distinction between both parties. There is no distinction between the two of them and I’ll tell you this if you have fundamental issues, values and core principles it becomes very difficult to know precisely where you stand because if you say you’re in PDP because you believe in restructuring, you have to ask are they ready to restructure, the answer probably will be we don’t know what you mean. The same with APC. As for me, you know what I do? I interact with individuals and interact with people I believe can move the country forward regardless of APC/PDP whichever party they’re in.”

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