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I Know What You Did | Episode 3

I Know What You Did

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The eyes were so close now that he could just stretch out his hands and grab them, he could hold himself no more.
“Noooooooo just go away from me.” He screamed.
“Guy wetin dey worry you? All the no, wey you don dey shout since never do you?”
David heard a male voice telling him. He was still shocked and confused to recognize the voice although he felt better from the response he got.
“Who are you? What do you want?” He asked.
“Guy calm down jor, its me Collins.” David heaved a big sigh.
“What are you doing here? I thought…” Before he could continue his questions Collins interrupted.
“David you need to relax, these ques…” Just then the power came up and he continued.
“These questions are not mine to be answered, why don’t you ask yourself how you got home? How you spent your day with me and all that instead of questioning me because I don’t understand you anymore.”

David eyed Collins, he wondered why his eyes were like that of a wolf in the dark, he guessed it was just out of fear because the eyes he’s looking at now are normal. He got up from the bed without saying anything and went into the toilet to ease himself. When he got back Collins was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room waiting for him. David didn’t say anything and Collins didn’t take his eyes off him which explained he needed explanations. Still David didn’t say anything, he didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know where to start from so he went to pour himself a cup of water. Collins became pissed.
“What is wrong with you? Are you just going to sit there and keep quiet without saying anything.” He said angrily.
“I’m sorry but it isn’t my fault I don’t understand anything I don’t know where to start from.” David defended himself.
“Oh! You don’t know where to start from? Okay then I’ll help you, let’s start by you telling me why you passed out in my house.”

“I passed out?” David asked.
“You had no idea you did? Okay please give me a summary of how we spent today.”
Collins stared at him, the room was quiet for some seconds there was no reply from him then he continued.
“You see nothing! You can’t say anything because you were unconscious throughout the day.”
He paused, waited for David to say something yet he said nothing.
“If you don’t remember that I understand, but at least you can tell me what you were looking at on my wall before you passed out.”
David appeared more confused this time.
“I…I…I…” He stammered.
“I was looking at something on the wall? Look Collins I feel I’m not in my right senses now and you’re not making things any better. I’m confused right now. I can’t remember doing these things you’re telling me. The only reason I believe some is because you are here and I don’t understand how and why too.”
Collins looked at him with an expression hard to read.
“Alright then why were you screaming noooooo?”

“I was having a nightmare Collins a terrible one that I don’t know how to explain.” He replied with a low tune that sounded more like a whisper.
“How long have you been having nightmares?” Collins asked suspecting that wasn’t his first time. “This is my first.” He lied.
“Alright let me tell you what happened at my place.” He started.
“When you got to my place I was in the bathroom and you ushered yourself in. Immediately I finished having my bath I came into my sitting room to welcome you, only to find you staring in shock at my wall. I called your name many times but you didn’t reply, it was like your soul was absent and it was just your body. I moved closer to you, touched your hand to be sure I was okay myself, that was when you fell to the ground and became unconscious.”
He paused to see David’s reaction then he continued.
“I ran to fetch some water to pour on you, after pouring some on your face you woke up but you still weren’t yourself. I sat you up and I could almost hear your heartbeat. After an hour you were still quiet, I had to break the silence I asked you if you were okay but the only thing you kept saying was take me home.”

“I brought you home like you asked we got here 4:20pm and you’ve been sleeping since then.” He checked the time “This is 8:30pm already.” David still wasn’t saying anything so he continued.
“You were sleeping peacefully and I was in your sitting room watching Soundcity when all of a sudden I heard you groaning I rushed in but saw you were still sleeping so I knew you were having a bad dream. Just when you started screaming no from your sleep the power went out. I could see your eyes from the dark so I knew you were awake but what surprised me was when you saw me and you started screaming no again.”
Collins ended his story.
“I’m so sorry, I was having a bad dream I woke up and found just two eyes in the dark, it was very scary I didn’t see your body remember the room was dark and I was still not totally conscious of where I was.” David finally said something.
“Happy you’re awake now and fine but is that all you have to tell me? Forget about today, you’ve not been you for months now.”
David stood from where he sat, he paced the room, scratching his head. He knew Collins was waiting to hear something he had to say something.
“Did you cook anything? I’m so hungry let me eat maybe I’ll feel better.”
Collins only pointed towards the kitchen.

“Why is the kitchen so dark?” David asked.
“I should ask you its your home not mine I guess the bulb is bad” Collins replied. He was still scared of his kitchen, too scared to go in there and he could hear the worms in his stomach singing.
“Please help me get some I’m still not myself plus this headache is killing.”
Collins went into the kitchen and came back with a plate of spaghetti, he watched him as he devoured everything in few minutes.
“Are you okay now? Can you talk?”
“Yes I feel better thanks for everything. I’ve thought about everything you told me but none made any sense to me. I don’t know what’s happening to me but since this is the first time I hope it’s nothing and I’ll stay watchful.”
“Well that’s good just remember if you need anyone to talk to I’m here for you.”
David nodded and smiled.
“Its almost 10pm I have to go. Just take care of yourself. Don’t bother about seeing me off just relax.”
When he got to the door he stared at David with certainty that he knew more, before he shut the door behind him. David let out a heavy sigh then fell back to his bed.

A cold shower has to be the solution, he wasn’t feeling comfortable at all, he could smell his own sweat and feel his sticky body. He checked the time on his phone it was 10:35pm, he sat up in his bed and something on his wall caught his attention.
“That wasn’t there this morning I never saw it there.” He said loudly moving closer to his wall. It was a portrait, the first image he saw was himself smiling, then he saw something else. A female figure was behind him with her back turned, that reminded him of something. Yes! Exactly like the figure he sees every time in his dream.
“No way this isn’t real how did it get here? Who hung it there? Okay I’ll just close my eyes open them and it will be gone.”
Just like the eyes he saw earlier the portrait remained in its position.
“This isn’t sleeping in the same room with me tonight I won’t just throw it away I’m burning it.”
He pulled down the portrait, went into the kitchen and came back into the room with kerosene and a lighter. That was when he remembered he was afraid of going into his kitchen earlier but he already went in and came out without thinking thank God. He grabbed the portrait and the rest as he made his way outside his flat.

Outside his gate he met his neighbour’s house help Chukwudi.
“Bros good evening where you dey go this night? Time don go oh wetin happen?”
“Evening Chukwudi I clear my room I just wan dispose these things.”
“Bros na wa oh this night? You for just wait till tomorrow na shebi na sunday.”
“Somethings can’t just wait my guy make I finish wetin I start this night.”
“Okay bros if you talk so I dey enter house abeg lock gate when you finish I wan go sleep goodnight.”
“Thank you goodnight.” He walked some seconds away from the gate, dropped the portrait on the floor, poured kerosene on it, set it on fire then waited till it burnt to ashes before going back to his apartment. Now that he’s gotten rid of this portrait he would sleep better he thought to himself. He opened the door to his sitting room where you find another door to his bedroom then another door to his bathroom-the only room he needed to be in at the moment peacefully. But he never made it there peacefully, in his sitting room hung the same portrait he just burnt to ashes. He looked behind him like he was looking for someone that returned the portrait, but he burnt it himself nobody followed him it was burnt completely.
“Yes here it is David you’ve completely lost your mind, I swear I’ve lost it completely.”…

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