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I Know What You Did | Episode 5

I Know What You Did

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Its been two months now since they started going out. Juliet happens to be the lady he’s been waiting for, even though something about her reminds him of Mercy he is still happy he found her. No drama, easy going, sometimes stubborn, funny, gorgeous and his friends like her too. He even told himself she is the reason the nightmares stopped and she is a blessing to him. He called her the morning after the night he told her about his feelings they talked like they used to and none of them talked about what he said the previous night. He told himself never to speak of it again, he kept that promise for ten days then he asked her again this time not on the phone. He asked her on a date and she agreed. That night he couldn’t sleep he didn’t believe he was that happy he thought his happiness was lost totally but here he is, in love again with another amazing lady.

Juliet was almost as sad as David when they met, her sister went missing months ago before she met him. She just moved to Lagos because she seeked happiness and when they met,she felt it with him. Since her sister went missing her dad has been in and out of the hospital. She was unhappy for too long and needed to be happy again. David is the man I’ve been waiting and praying for she told herself handsome, easy going, funny, crazy and intelligent. She likes his friends too, it gave her so much joy that she came across him.

“Hello baby, have you seen it where I kept it?” David’s voice came on the phone.
“Yes baby its with me now but I need to see you.” Juliet answered him
“Hope there is no problem? I’ll be home soon don’t leave yet just wait for me.” He kept checking the time he couldn’t wait to get home and attend to his baby he called about three times to check on her before he finally left work. “Baby I’m here are you okay? What’s the problem?” He ran straight to meet her when he got home. She showed him a picture he took with a lady, on it he wrote RIP 21/02/2013.
“Who is this lady?” She asked
“Her name is Mercy my Ex-Girlfriend.” He replied.
“What? Your Ex?” She asked looking and sounding too shocked
“Baby what’s the problem? She’s dead she died seven months ago!” He thought he was consoling her as he expected her to look happier but he got more than he expected.
“Mercy isn’t supposed to be dead she’s meant to be missing this date is almost the date she was declared missing what do you know about her death?” David was confused and nervous at the same time. Who is this lady he thought.

“What did you do to my sister?” She asked this time there was anger in her voice.
“Your sister? Mercy’s only sister’s name is Julie wait! Oh my God Julie–Juliet how come I didn’t figure this out what have I done?” She wasn’t moved at all she wanted to know what he knows. She was in Jos while they were dating, she never met him they spoke on the phone few times and she saw some pictures but she didn’t recognise him in person when they met. Mercy introduced him as Yemi. Now she’s sure he’s the one because his other name is Yemi so she’s dating the same guy her sister dated but that isn’t the nitty gritty now, this guy knows her sister isn’t missing she needs to know why he told their parent she went missing and not dead.
“For the last time Yemi, David or whoever you are what did you do to Mercy?” He saw the anger in her eyes she looks just like Mercy now he was mad at himself for not figuring it out. What is he going to do what kind of lie would he tell she can’t leave now he will be in trouble.

“Its not what you think Juliet I’ll tell you everything stop shouting just calm down.” He said, seriously sweating and trembling like a leaf. He started wishing he could go back to when he was little and start again. He knows Juliet eyes never left him a quiet woman is a dangerous woman.
“I can see you don’t want to talk, you murderer!” She shouted
“I’m not a murderer Juliet I did it to…” She cut him off whatever he wanted to say she wasn’t interested in the reason why he did what he did she wanted to know what happened just what he did. Her parents told her a month after Mercy went missing, her boyfriend stopped contacting them he even moved out of his apartment definitely he knows something in fact he did something.
“Murderer what did you do to my sister?!” She started screaming. He became agitated that the neighbours are going to hear them, he thought of what to do.

He pushed her to the bed and covered her mouth,she was struggling really hard still trying to scream. He couldn’t hold her down she struggled with every muscle, vein and blood, he grabbed the pillow, covered her face with it pressing it hard and didn’t remove it until she stopped struggling. He sat down on the floor breathing very fast his mind in chaos. He called her name three times there was no reply he ran to where she laid shook her vigorously there was no reply.
“Oh my God what have I done! Juliet please stand up I’ll tell you everything the truth nothing but the truth Juliet Juliet!!!” She is dead he was crying like a baby and he felt possessed. He is really a murderer, when did he become a murderer he couldn’t take his eyes off the lifeless body. He wanted it to be another nightmare if this could be the return of his nightmares its fine by him but this is no nightmare he really killed someone.

He paced his room with his hands on his head, about an hour ago all he wanted was to come home and attend to his baby. Now she’s gone, he killed her, on his bed lies her body and here he is, wishing he never came home or he found out earlier what she wanted to ask him before coming home. The knock on his door almost gave him a heart attack who could that be? He was still thinking when the knock came again he decided to lock the door to his room to keep whoever it is from seeing or suspecting anything. He did that in few seconds, wiped the sweat off his face and ran to the door but when he opened it there was no one there. He was sure he heard what he heard but blame it on the drama going on, so there was no knock. He went back to his room still trying to figure out what to do to the body when the knock came again this time it sounded like two people knocking together with their four hands on the door. He was a bit scared, maybe they are his neighbour’s kids a comforting thought he felt he could use. The knocks came hard this time there is no way those could be hands of two kids. So sure someone or people were at the door this time, he did what he did again.

He opened the door still there was no one he quickly closed the door. He stood there for some minutes looking at the door he was in deep thought. Right after Juliet died his life is in mess again but this time its even worse because he isn’t dreaming everything happening now is for real. He struggled with his keys as he tried to open the door to his room. Finally when it opened the first thing he saw was Mercy on his bed looking at Juliet’s corpse. He wanted to run out of the house but he couldn’t move his legs
“Hi Yemi! You refused to open the door so I let myself in” Mercy winked at him.
“Oh my God! I’m dead It’s over!” David exclaimed.
“No you’re wrong it isn’t over dear this is just the beginning” She smiled..

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