I Know What You Did

I Know What You Did | Episode 6

I Know What You Did

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And like thin air Mercy was gone. No way! He didn’t see her, his problems have gone from nightmares to hallucination or daymares if that word exists. He was left with Juliet’s dead body.

“It’s not like this is the first time you have to deal with this, common! You know how to deal with a corpse how to dump it and make nobody find out” He heard a voice say jokingly. That wasn’t real as well this is madness yeah A madman sees what he sees, he hears what he hears. “God How long do I still have to hide this madness? Where do I start from? I don’t even know what’s real and what’s not anymore”

He looked around for what to wrap the corpse with; he reached for a big blanket under the bed. “You see that’s exactly what I’m talking about, never far from reach just the way you do it” He ignored the voice this time, wrapped the blanket around the body then stood upright with his hands on his waist looking at the body obviously thinking of what to do next.

“The next thing is to wait for the right time to dispose yeah? 11pm? 12am? uhum 5am? 6am? Ok I’ll just wait and see when you do it you’re the expert here I’m just suggesting. Hahahaha looking at how you wrapped that I just miss shawarma gosh!”

“I’m not a murderer I swear I’m not a murderer I didn’t kill anybody I never killed anyone David wake up this is a bad dream” He started hitting his head “I need to wake up this isn’t me I’m not even David I’m definitely not David.” He continued hitting his head against the wall until he felt blood trickled down his head to his nose then mouth. “God!” He cried, “I won’t sleep I won’t wake up why did you bring me here? To kill? I never asked to be born I never asked to be like this, God! Why me? Just take me away kill me!!! I’m done!” He rolled on the floor beating the floor hard with his fist crying, shouting and fighting with himself.

She sat across the room smiling at him “You know I really feel sorry for you” she said softly “What do you want from me Mercy? I never wanted any of these I’m sorry I’m really sorry” He sat up to face her it was 3am now he would dispose the body as soon as the first day light shows.

She smiled at him again “What I want from you? I wanna help you love. See let’s talk about something more important right now I hope your new neighbors don’t catch you moving this body to your car you know I’m not quite familiar with the new neighborhood.”

He jumped up realizing he never thought of how he would move the body to the car “Hahahaha you see I really wanna help you.. Help you till the end baby trust me” She smirked.

Exactly 4am who knows when others get up the best time to take the body out is now. He decided to go out to observe the house before coming out with the body; he was able to accomplish it all within fifteen minutes. “Wow that was sleek Mercy is really proud of you thank me later. I think you should have your bath too, you need to look fresh for the task ahead trust me”

Like he was following Mercy’s orders he went into the bathroom did as he was told, dressed up casually, took his key and off he went praying to God to please protect him.

As he drove he noticed there were very few cars on the road, he quickly checked the calendar and recollected it was an environmental Saturday he needed to hurry so he could leave the road before 7am. He thought of different places he could drop the body finally he picked a very narrow road close to a canal he dropped Juliet’s body very close to the bush and drove off quickly.

It was 6:28am he drove as fast as he could he should be home before 7am who knows anyone could come around without notifying him, his room must be cleaned to avoid any suspicion. Just then he remembered he didn’t even lock the doors, so he drove faster also trying to avoid getting caught in the no movement policy during the environmental sanitation in Lagos.

He took a left turn then right, he was beginning to enjoy how fast he was moving that he increased his acceleration just then a lady came out of nowhere, right in the middle of the road waving at him to stop. A sudden attempt to stop, to avoid hitting the lady his car tumbled severally across the road and the last thing he heard was a female voice laughing hysterically his eyes shut slowly, as silence and darkness consumed everywhere..



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