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I Stole My Poor Mother’s Gold Jewelry to Pay for Studio Session – Osinachi Crooner, Humblesmith Reveals


In a new interview with Vanguard , the ‘Osinachi’ singer who recently collaborated with Davido on a viral remix of same song, revealed the pains he caused his hardworking mother all just to achieve his own dreams.
According to the singer, his mother sold moi-moi just to cater for her children. �When I was still with my parents, I was known as a moi-moi seller. I and my siblings hawked moi-moi on the streets, that was how my parents were able to train eight children through primary and secondary school,” the singer said.
However, after he relocated to Delta State and was unable to find his feet, he returned to steal from his mother.
Read the excerpts from the interview:
On why he chose music
I started out as a dancer in 1996; I was part of a group called American Boys, we used to dance, sing and act. After my secondary education, I decided to relocate to Delta State to pursue my music career, my parents refused but I insisted. I partook in the first-ever Star Quest competition, I came second and I won a big flat screen TV.
On gaining the support of his parents
I am from a Catholic background, so they didn’t want anything to distract me from going to church and probably become a priest. My mom wanted me to become a Catholic priest while my dad wanted me to be a footballer because he is a football coach. As time went on, my parents came to terms with it, so they had no choice but to support my choice of career.
On paying for his first studio session
After my relocation to Delta State, things were so rough for me. I made trending shoes, sandals, slippers, and belts and sold them to students and workers just to make some money to pursue my music career and equally fend for myself.
I hustled seriously on the streets to survive; it got to a point that I opened a video rental shop in Asaba. I stole and sold my mom’s gold to pay for my first studio session, but I later confessed and apologized to her, promising to buy her more than what I stole in the nearest future.
On collaborating with Flavour
I have always been a fan of Flavour right from day one. My manager met Flavour in London, played my song to his hearing and he liked it. Though Flavour has always loved my song from when I did my first single Chairmoo. Jukwese is a song I’ve done for some time now, even before Osinachi. I was unable to hook up with Flavour on time to jump on it so we dropped Osinachi, but thank God I was later able to get Flavour to jump on the single with me. I didn’t pay him a dime to feature on the song, he did it out of the love he has for my music.
On dealing with social media criticism and why he recently unfollowed his fans on Instagram
I un-followed everybody on Instagram including my sisters, because my management needed to work on my page. I don’t own myself, I have a label to which I am signed and I always need to obey them. Most fans got angry and abused me because I un-followed them on Instagram, but trust me, I don’t hate anybody.

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