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Is ex beauty queen, Anna Banner carrying Flavour’s child?

flavour & Anna Ebiere

This news is still unconfirmed o!!

This one is one hot gist, Flavour already has a daughter from his baby mama, Sandra. The new gist from the grape vine is that ex-beauty queen, Anna Banner who we all know he had a thing with some time ago is carrying his baby. Anna has been silent on Instagram, maybe she wants to pull a Nadia Buhari surprise on us.

I heard she was expelled from her Middlesex Uni in Dubai because of her pregnancy.

Anna has been missing from school since last year.

Info gathered reveals that it was the advice given to her flatmate named Kauser that made her leave Dubai because Dubai laws are strict on pregnancy outside wedlock. she allegedly hurriedly left Dubai in a hurry leaving all her things behind for fear of the law catching up with her.

She will not be returning for this school session, insiders allege that she is currently in Nigeria and planning to relocate to South Africa to continue her education since it is illegal to live as a single pregnant female in UAE.

They swear on bended knees that the pregnancy is growing and will be kept.

She had a war of words with one of her Nigerian school friends whom she thought broke the news to gossip blogs and has previously fought with her over him. she assumed the girl was the person that squealed out of jealousy.

She also allegedly fell out with a lot of her friends who warned her her about him

She was told by the person who filled her up with hot semen to keep the pregnancy but not to mention the name of person who filled her up with the hot semen.

This story is still unconfirmed, so let’s wait and see as they say pregnancy cant be hidden

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