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Is Jay Z Rymir Satterthwaite’s Father?

JayZJayZ’s rumored secret son is still trying to get the rapper to do a paternity test.

The Popular Music guru has been in the rap game for quite a while, from major hits to massive business ideas, to marrying the woman of his dreams, so it is not a surprise when major stars like this get linked in scandals regarding kids they are alleged to have and the ones they actually have.

It is a sure thing that when he was young, Jay Z must’ve had the ladies around him to make thins a possibility, but as an adult, the only three kids he still sees as his legit offsprings are Blue Ivy and the twins, given to him by his wife, Beyonce.

However, 25-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, who is an upcoming rapper himself, is currently alleging that JAY-Z is shying away from his responsibilities as a dad by failing to do a paternity test for close to 10 years now even after his mother, Wanda, confidently told him that she had sex with the rapper in 1992 and got pregnant in the process.

The youngman said Jay Z is actually running away from the paternity test because he knows his story is true.

Rymir’s mum, whose ex boyfriend, Robert Graves, got listed as Rymir’s dad until 8 years ago, said they did a DNA test to find out that he was not the real dad. She also said she and Jay Z used protection the night they met but somehow, she still got pregnant.

Rymir and Wanda are presently doing all they can to get the rapper to do a paternity test but his guilt, they say, and his top-class legal team are preventing him from taking that step.

4 years ago, Rymir filed a lawsuit against Beyonce’s beau for allegedly tendering wrong documents in court to avoid a test, no one knows where the case is at now.

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