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Is the Mr.Nice Guy image a scam? Don Jazzy!!?

Don Jazzy & Wande Coal

NB: This is the view of the writer and does not represent in anyway the opinion of NaijaVibe

Let me start by saying to fellow readers, music fans, artist, entertainers and all showbiz personality out there all around the globe reading this post to keep an open mind through the piece till the end and make their own judgment.

This piece is neither propaganda or written from a bias position, as a matter of fact I find myself in a very difficult situation writing this piece, as I am a very huge fan of the person the article is about.

Since day 1, I have always and will always be a fan of Don Jazzy‘s talent. He is undoubtedly the best producer in Africa. Michael Collins’ talent is larger than life. #Fact!

Within Nigeria, there is no one that can boast of Jazzy’s catalog of work and achievement. I have been a big fan of his production since the time when he used to play with Mr solek in London. I have never met him or known him in person, however, as an insider and worker within the industry I have heard a lot about him which is largely very good putting into consideration the entertainment industry is a very bitchy and sometimes very dirty politicking organization.

The recent fallout between Don Jazzy and Wande Coal has made me re-evaluate the whole position where I stand with Don Jazzy as a fan and big admirer of his social media charm. We all know Don jazzy as a producer but the main reason why we probably love him most is because of the misery and illusion about the most successful producer, yet the most humble, charismatic, fame shy and philanthropic chap in the industry well known for being ruled by big stars, big money and big egos.

Don jazzy is one and if not the most popular celebrity in Africa that started the real act of communicating with fans over the social media forum in Nigeria. This guy is one of the very few stars that started giving away call credit, talks about real life stuffs, answers questions, makes jokes about himself and even give away money to sick people in need of help.

As a media analyst, there is something so warm and real about that art of one on one between celebrities and fans that sets him apart from other stars that only come on social media to promote their new music or brag about how much dollar they just made.

However, the recent outburst on twitter with Wande coal isn’t very good and makes me question if the big don is just all a very clever guy that has mastered the art of knowing how to charm the public and give them what they want while the real person behind is just an egocentric guy that doesn’t grant press interview, think he is too rich to make mistakes or even get away with murder.

Within the industry, and I am talking if you are really within the industry, people really fear and don’t F*** around with Michael. He actually operates like a don one promoter told me; Apparently Don jazzy is not what the fans think he really is, He is all a big pretense. But you know when you are a fan of someone; you don’t really care what people tell you until you come in contact with that act. So for now, I will like to pause my judgment about all the negatives I have heard about him. Some people say Don Jazzy is not humble and very ruthless in real life.The simple fact of the matter is Nigeria as a society is a jungle and if you are in position of power or responsibility, you can’t be seen as too soft or weak.

Speaking of Wande Coal, this chap is one of the most talented songwriters in Nigeria. But saying that, Wande Coal is also one of the biggest guys in the industry with a drug problem. Wande smokes 24/7 and gives promoters around the world a lot of problem when they hire him. Wande Coal throws tantrums and behaves so unprofessional making him a toxic asset for any record label or promoter that hires him. I know this as a matter of fact because I have been in working relationship with him before, indirectly. Wande coal is so high, he doesn’t even know.

From my assessment of Wande Coal and from what promoters and artist have also told me, I actually believe Wande is suffering from bipolar disorder. One time he is very happy and the other time he is throwing tantrums. The behavioral pattern of wande coal is very volatile if you have come in contact with him as a person. Wande is mad talented and it comes to him naturally, he was destined to sing and be in the entertainment industry, so not even Don Jazzy can stop the boy. However, I will advise Wande to reduce the amount of weed he smokes in order to achieve his full potential as an artist and huge influence in the industry.

As for Don Jazzy, brother I have never met you, but if what I am sensing or hearing is true, I will advise you to change and reevaluate yourself. You cannot live a lie for a hundred years. Treat people well and reflect your social media life in real life. Just like the subliminal message the former manager of Dbanj, Mr. Bankulli tweeted immediately after you and Wande were having a go at each other on twitter says; if you keep seeing the same bad things show up in your life and your relationships. The common denominator is you!.

Last year, yourself and Dbanj departed in a bitter feud over ego and money. This year you have lost the most talented guy in Mavin and we in industry also know Tiwa savage is under 323 connect and just in a partnership with you.

The biggest asset in Mavin is still you and you know too well what to do to prove people wrong.

A big reunion between yourself and the Koko master will get the industry lighted and flood your bank accounts with so many dollars again.

If not, Please keep making those beats and give us a new star in 2014.

Whether you are a big lie or true. Only you, God and your innermost circle know about that. This is not an attack on you or anyone in this piece. I think you yourself know by now that the Wande situation could have been dealt with in a much better way. The press statement released after the hullabaloo was a very professional and matured statement. I am a true lover of your beats and production. I have found myself in arguments defending you so many times like I know you in person.

As for Wande, congratulations on your new Glo endorsement and I hope your new company black diamond push out more beautiful record you have blessed us with in the last decade.

God bless you and all your doings. God bless Nigeria.

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