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“It was love at first sight!” – Chika and Toyin share their love story and pre-wedding photos


Tee and Chi

Their love story started in church, so y’all who are still searching, he/she�might just be in your parish.
Here’s the love story and pre-wedding photos of Chika and Toyin.


Isn’t she lovely?



In your eyes, I found love

He used to be a chorister in my own R.C.C.G parish where i too just newly joined their workforce, this was before his job got him transferred to Ibadan:-( . The first day i saw him ooooh lala it was love at first sight. I instantly started having a crush on him, I thought; who’s this cute dark guy but I guess then he was in a relationship and was into her so he just kept our friendship cordial.


Lean on me, we have forever to go

Later on we met at a church dinner and got reintroduced to each other and that was the start point, we exchanged contacts and kept communicating via social media. We carried on the friendship for two months.

I already knew he was in love with me and cupid has struck his arrow on me too but he wasn’t just coming out to say it.

So, I took the bull by the horn and decided to ask him to define our friendship because people,�i mean his friends and other peeps that see us hang out together were starting to think we were dating.

He came out straight the next �day to tell me that he is in love with�me and would want us to take d friendship to d next level B-). �I was kukuma(permission to use that) �already craving for it. I did my shakara for just a week and gave him a YES!

And that was it,we are moving it to the next level again in which we believe God wants and approves and would see us through it.


Save The Date




Note from Naijavibe:

First, we wish Chika and Toyin a happy married life and successful wedding, hoping we would get the official weeding photos too *winks.
To my single people out there, Love at first sight does exist and Ladies, there is nothing wrong with taking charge and asking a man to define your relationship.

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