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“It is a kangaroo judgement” Emeka Ike speaks as he resumes control of his School

Emeka Ike

Embattled boss of St. Nicholas College and star actor, Emeka Ike has been telling whomever cares to listen that contrary to earlier reports that his school was shut down, his school still operates from its No. 1, Raji Olamideji Crescent, Magodo, Lagos, pending the resolution of disagreement the management has with the original owners of the property.

Emeka blamed his landlord for the impasse. He said he failed to appreciate the fact that school business is not only capital intensive but requires long time to make profit. That he and his wife had spent millions of naira in the project in the interest of raising up Nigerian kids.

On the allegation of mismanaging the school, the controversial actor said that was the opinion of hatchet writers who wouldn’t mind their business. He wondered how people who have no share or any form of investment in St. Nicholas College would accuse its owners of mismanaging it.

He rather clarified that the academic reputation of St. Nicholas College has been the envy of all. Emeka Ike boasted that his school made one of the best results in external examinations with students making their WASC and GCE in SS2, also citing the unbeatable record of his students at the MTN sponsored ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ quiz where they won the biggest prize money to emerge the best school in Lagos.

In the same vein, Emeka Ike’s spokesman, Great Imo has pleaded with stakeholders to call internet rats masquerading as newsmen to order. Blaming the report of alleged shutting down of St. Nicholas College on them, he advised the public to be wary of them.

Like we have stated, St. Nicholas College was never shut by any authority. So, please disregard the report in the social media. There is a calculated attempt here to run down respected Nigerian celebrities who have their names to protect. The school is still there, pending when it will move to its permanent site. Emeka Ike is not just an A-list actor, he is a brand. If you go to South Africa, Britain, France and the US, his opinion about Nigeria counts. He is one man who represents the country well. So, why must he be rubbished by faceless writers?

We say in totality the story is false. Yes, there was an issue arising from a kangaroo court judgement which has been vacated because the possession of the said property is still in the care of Emeka Ike. The school was never shut at any time.

St. Nicholas College is still there, because that is where Emeka Ike has taken a long lease. The school signboard is still there because that is where the Lagos State government gazetted the school. We have not announced any relocation. If there is any development, we would tell you. Schools are in session. Those saying otherwise are deliberately undermining the millions the school owners have invested there over the years. Emeka Ike has invested millions of naira in the school so as to give the best education to Nigerians.

St. Nicholas College was allegedly shut by the court on Friday, January 24, 2014, after the school lost a court case in respect of its property. But the school owners have repeatedly stated that the institution can only be closed down by relevant authorities. And claiming that the order has been vacated, the school management had earlier faulted it since the matter was still on arbitration when the court gave a judgement in favour of the original land owners.



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