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Kim Kardashian sides Nicki Minaj in fight against Tayor Swift

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Kim Kardashian says she is not trying to get in the middle of Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift Twitter war after fans ‘misinterpreted’ her tweet yesterday, July 21.

So after Nicki and Taylor started exchanging tweets over the 2015 MTV VMAs nominations, the 34-year-old reality star tweeted a photo from her Vogue Spain shoot along with the caption: ”Imma let you finish but…”

It could have been an unharmed tweet but remembering that those were the exact same words her husband, Kanye West said when he famously interrupted Swift’s 2010 VMAs acceptance speech telling her Beyonce’s video should have won instead, fans didn’t hesitate to slam the star.

Some accused her of not minding her damn business but getting into a ‘music’ fight which has absolutely nothing to do with her.

Many people figured this was Kimβ€˜s response to the whole οΏ½Twitter feud,” but she quickly took to her account to say she had no idea what was going on in the music world. She also deleted the original tweet.

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