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Maje Ayida reacts to Toke Makinwa ‘ignoring’ his apology


After more than a month of silence, Maje Ayida took to social media to tender a very public apology to his �(ex)wife, popular media personality Toke Makinwa for impregnating his ex(girlfriend) Anita Solomon.

Anita Solomon delivered Maje Ayida’s son in the United Kingdom on Sunday July 19, 2015 and according to social media feedback, this is what prompted Maje to apologize on Wednesday July 22, 2015.

The Rhythm FM OAP and fashionista who has handled the scandal quite graciously�appears to have done absolutely nothing about Maje’s apology even after a week.
In what appears to be an indirect comment to his estranged wife, Maje posted this photo on his instagram page:maje1

Toke released her weekly Vlog called ‘Invest in you’. Here are some excerpts:
Sometimes life is just as easy as getting up in the morning and wearing your mascara and just going on. Sometimes life is as easy as staring the problem down and saying, I can’t die, I can’t kill myself… so�I’m gonna live.�I owe it to myself to do one happy thing for me.
It doesn’t matter how bad life is, or where you are coming from.�It doesn’t matter what happened, yes you lost that job, that relationship didn’t work out….�Okay, what’s the worst thing that can happen, you’ll be single, is single so bad?
Open the right door for happiness to find you… for the right man to locate you….it may be someone you have known all your life but because you are so caught up you don’t see…. stop waiting for a superman, you are all you need
It’s better for you to try a bit than for you to look back and wonder that it could have been.
This is just to thank you guys, thank you for those who have shared a word of kindness with me.
A lot of things happen, life is hard, people are sad,� don’t stay sad, it’s a choice, it’s a battle but you have to� keep telling yourself that you will survive the day.
You need to pick yourself up, wear makeup because you want to feel pretty, there is nothing wrong with that… life is short, if a boyfriend says he is not doing anymore, will you kill yourself? No…. you gotta keep moving, you just tell them, I am the best thing since sliced bread and if you don’t see that you don’t deserve to have me…. so bye…

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