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Meek Mill warned Safaree to stay away from BET Awards

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Safaree got beat up by Meek Mill’s crew on Friday. In a video obtained exclusively by TMZ, Safare can be seen greeting a friend, when Meek Mill pulls up and gets out of his car. A fight soon breaks out and Meek’s crew jumped Safaree.

According to reports, Meek Mill had warned Safaree days before BET Awards weekend kicked off in LA, telling him to stay away from the Awards. However, Safaree called his bluff and showed up.

Nicki Minaj’s two exes showed up almost at the same time to DJ Khaled’s pre-BET party which held at Penthouse in WeHo. This caused Meek’s crew to attack him for defying their warning.

Meek has denied being involved in the fight and truly he was not one of those seeing throwing punches at Safaree. Yet, Safaree is not taking it lying down and has challenged Meek to a fight though Meek has said he won’t fight him.

Nichi Minaj weighed in on the fight and Monday and it seems she’s taking Safaree’s side.





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