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Hafiz Agbabiaka is a DJ from Nigeria. He is popularly known as DJ fizzy.

He is from a family of seven.

Dj Fizzy started his journey of disc jockeying from 2013. Then he listened to mixes from other Djs and thought of how they could do it?
After a few times, he began to focus on disc jockeying, from then, disc jockeying became his main obsession.
His passion brought him in the journey of Disc Jockeying.

Dj Fizzy is anything but typical no matter what you love, he will give you something you’ll love.
His vast musical knowledge, crowd pleasing song and creativity keeps him on top.

Armed with the skills of a mixologist, a history of the music industry and passion for music in general, Dj Fizzy combines these talents to separate himself from any other DJ.

Currently, Fizzy holds an annual concert which he calls LAGOS CONNECT WITH DJ FIZZY which kick started in the year 2016.

Without doubts, Dj Fizzy stands to be one of the most sought after DJs in Surulere Lagos and this no doubt, makes him ‘THE UNSTOPPABLE’.

Deejay Fizzy

Dj Fizzy The Unstopable

Dj Fizzy


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