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MUST READ: A mother’s story

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This was sent in by one of our readers. Cruel world indeed.

Mrs Rebecca narrates: 17/01/13 will remain an unforgettable memory in
my life..like every other nights, I went to bed and
said goodnyt to my Son (22yrs) and my daughter
(18yrs) and we all slept.
At about 3:55am on the above date, unknown
gunmen broke into our apartments to rob but unfortunately there was nothing they could lay
hand on. they asked my son to get up pointing gun
at him and asked my daughter to lie facing the
celine and she did as they told her. Shockingly they
asked my son to have sex with his sister right in
front of them and that if they are not impress, He will extend that generosity to His mother (Me) that they
are not in the mood for rape..that this the price we
will pay else he will be a dead person…
He was shocked and after a while He asked them
to shoot him that he cannot do it that even if he do
it and they leave, that he will take his life in less than a day cos he can’t live with such memory.
They got angry and one asked the other to shoot
him lets go and He randomly shot my son and he
fell in the pool of his own blood and they left…
All I knew is that He was alive till we got to the
hospital and after several hours of medics on him, He went into COMA and to this day He hasn’t said a
word yet just breathing..
I don’t want to lose my only Son.. My daughter has
been crying since that incidence.
Please pray so that my only son will come back
alive for me cos am just a widow and they are what I have always lived for…My Hope is in God. Pls drop a prayer for this young man.

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